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City of Eureka Moves to Buy 5-Acre Parcel Off Myrtle; Acquisition Could Become Part of Proposed ‘Bay to Zoo’ Trail and More

The parcel in question.

The Eureka Planning Commission will meet in a special, short-noticed session tomorrow at noon to discuss a plan to buy about a little more than five acres of land just off Myrtle Avenue, along the path of the proposed “Bay to Zoo” trail.

The property — which, according to a staff report, is owned by the Bank of New York following a foreclosure — is a little more than five acres in size. Three of those acres are designated wetlands, and the other two are on drier ground. The wetland portions could serve as part of the new trail, if and when it is ever built, and housing projects or city facilities. The land is currently zoned for low-density housing.

Reached this morning, Eureka City Manager Miles Slattery said that the city has already submitted a provisional offer of $337,250 for the five-acre parcel, and has convened the Planning Commission on short notice in an attempt to get their recommendation to the City Council as quickly as possible.

The Eureka Planning Commission meets in special session at noon tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 2) at Eureka City Hall — 531 K Street. Find remote viewing/participating instructions at this link. Agenda and supporting documentation below.

Eureka Planning Commission
Feb. 2, 2023, noon




1. Sunny Avenue Acquisition Location: 1429 Sunny Avenue APN 006-191-015 Project: Property Acquisition PA-23-0001

General Plan Conformance
Project No: GPC-22-0002

The City of Eureka is proposing to acquire a 5.14 acre property located on the east side of Sunny Avenue, south of Myrtle Avenue. The purpose of the acquisition is to use the land for a portion of the Bay-to-Zoo Trail and for required mitigation. The City is asking the Planning Commission to review the acquisition and determine if it is in line with the City’s 2040 General Plan. The Commission will analyze the applicable goals and policies of the 2040 General Plan and make a recommendation to the City Council. If approved, the acquisition will provide a location for the Bay-to-Zoo Trail and create opportunities for eco- and adventure-tourism.

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… or, as a megachurch sermon!

Good morning, brothers and sisters!

Today we are meditating on the topic of acquisition. We are blessed to live in a city which is growing and expanding, and where new opportunities arise every day. The City of Eureka is proposing to acquire an approximately 5.14 acre property located on the east side of Sunny Avenue, south of Myrtle Avenue. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to expand our public resources, and to provide a safe and convenient location for walking and biking.

The City of Eureka is committed to the 2040 General Plan, which seeks to provide benefits to all segments of the community. The City’s goals and policies are in alignment with this acquisition, as it supports development of public trails, recreational uses, nature study, and year-round tourism. This acquisition is also exempt from CEQA, as it is certain there is no possibility of it having a significant effect on the environment.

We must not forget that all of this is only possible by the grace of God. The City of Eureka is a divine plan, and it is up to us to ensure we use it wisely. Let us be mindful of the power of acquisition, and let us use it to further our goals of providing a safe, convenient, and healthy environment for our community.

Let us pray.

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Staff ReportAttachment 1 - ResolutionAttachment 2 - 2040 Goals and Policies



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