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Environmental Groups Say County Has Abandoned Its Duty to Fully Assess the Weed Industry’s Impacts
11:07 a.m.

GET DOWN, EARTH FLAG: City of Arcata Issues Extensive Press Release Explaining Why it Will Comply With a Judge’s Ruling to Fly the Earth Flag Lower Down the Flag Pole, Rather Than At the Top
8:05 a.m.

BOOKED: April 18, 2024
7:50 a.m.

California Leaders Take Sides in Monumental Supreme Court Case on Homelessness
7:20 a.m.

OBITUARY: Calvin ‘Bubby’ Lavern Sand, Jr., 1950-2024
6:56 a.m.

PLANT of the DAY: Equisetum arvense, the Field Horsetail!
5 a.m.

EARTHQUAKE! 3.4M Earthquake 69 Kilometers West of Petrolia
2:36 a.m.


POLL! Has the Rise in Gas Prices Altered Your Travel Habits?
4:20 p.m.

UPLIFT Eureka Staff Say ‘Progress is Being Made Every Day’ to House the City’s Homeless; Old Town Bike Lanes Approved
4:13 p.m.

Cyclist Airlifted to Redding After McKinleyville Community Forest Crash
12:03 p.m.

Arcata City Council to Consider Funding Improvements to Corner of H Street and Samoa Boulevard to Discourage ‘Nuisance Behavior’
11:59 a.m.

A Local Child Who Runs Wants Other Children to Know That There is a Way to Get Free Running Shoes if Their Families Can’t Afford Them
11:30 a.m.

CONSUMER WARNING: Reps From This Shady Gas Company Are Going Door to Door in Humboldt Again
11:18 a.m.

PLOUGHSHARES to SWORDS: Cal Poly Humboldt Welcome Sign Weaponized in the Struggle for Middle East Peace
9:53 a.m.

[UPDATE: Opens Friday] Reviews are In for the Entirely Humboldt-Filmed Bigfoot Family Drama Sasquatch Sunset
9:48 a.m.

New Study Shows That the Federal Budget is Out of Line With Arcata’s Values
8 a.m.

BOOKED: April 17, 2024
7:50 a.m.

California Hospitals Keep Closing Their Labor Wards. Can Lawmakers Do Anything About It?
7:20 a.m.

Democrats Kill California Homeless Camp Ban, Again
7:08 a.m.

OBITUARY: Drucilla Yvonne (Denham) Bussman, 1950-2024
6:56 a.m.

ANIMAL of the DAY: Spizella passerina, the Chipping Sparrow!
5 a.m.

Tuesday, April 16

POLL! What is Humboldt’s Top Issue of National Concern This Election Year?
4:20 p.m.

What is Eureka Doing to Address Homelessness? City Council to Receive Update on Recent Efforts During Tonight’s Meeting
3:18 p.m.

Sheriff’s Office Seeks Help Locating Woman Who Last Contacted Her Family in February
12:13 p.m.

Mountain Lion Spotted Near Humboldt Hill Home

BOOKED: April 16, 2024
7:50 a.m.

Vital Climate Tool or License to Pollute? The Battle Over California’s First Carbon Capture Project
7:01 a.m.

How Gavin Newsom’s Budget Sidesteps the Growing Cost of CalPERS Pensions, for One Year
7 a.m.

OBITUARY: Ruby Nicole Brackenbury, 1992-2024
6:56 a.m.

OBITUARY: Earl Catlett, 1946-2024
6:56 a.m.

OBITUARY: Beverly Strubinger, 1947-2024
6:56 a.m.

OBITUARY: Marcia Mills, 1935-2024
6:56 a.m.

OBITUARY: Angela Christine Knapp, 1969-2024
6:56 a.m.

PLANT of the DAY: Tonella tenella, the Lesser Baby Innocence!
5 a.m.

Monday, April 15

Meet the New QUEEN of the KING Range! Artist-in-Residence to Cook Up Cool Stuff About One of Humboldt’s Favorite Wild Places
4:33 p.m.

POLL! What Do You Think of the Arcata Plan to Develop The Air Over Highway 101?
4:20 p.m.

Human Remains Found Near Mad River; Sheriff’s Office Thinks It Knows Whose They Are
3:06 p.m.

California Sues Huntington Beach to Stop Voter ID
2:47 p.m.

NEW LAND ABOVE THE HIGHWAY? The ‘Arcata Cap’ Project Would Build Five Acres Suspended Over Highway 101
12:52 p.m.

Cal Poly Humboldt’s New $7.9 Million Ocean Research Vessel Arrives in 2025
9:42 a.m.

BOOKED: April 15, 2024
7:35 a.m.

Why Tortillas Sold in California May Be Forced to Add a New Ingredient
6:51 a.m.

PLANT of the DAY: Nemophila parviflora, the Small-flowered Nemophila!
5 a.m.

Sunday, April 14

BOOKED: April 14, 2024
7:50 a.m.

7 a.m.

ANIMAL of the DAY: Eupeodes fumipennis, the Western Aphideater!
5 a.m.

Saturday, April 13

Because People Get Their News in Facebook Comment Sections, City of Eureka Issues Press Release Stating Sequoia Park Zoo Is Not Closing and Never Was
5:14 p.m.

BOOKED: April 13, 2024
7:35 a.m.

HUMBOLDT HISTORY: Studying and Not Studying at Humboldt State During the Second World War, When Young Women Made Up Most All of the Student Body
7:30 a.m.

OBITUARY: Pamela Ann Lundblade, 1945-2024
6:56 a.m.

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