Tuesday, July 27:

6 felonies, 8 misdemeanors, 0 infractions

This page notes the names of those processed by the Humboldt County Jail, or into a supervised release program, at the date and time indicated. As always, please remember that people should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Name Agency Type Charges Time
BRENDAN LANE CREWS CHP Arrest or Detention VC23152(b), DUI Monday, July 26, 7:11 a.m.
BARRY WADE KEGLEY CHP Arrest or Detention VC23152(B), VC23152(A) Monday, July 26, 9:03 a.m.
JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH POLLARA APD Arrest or Detention Violation of Probation/Parole, Public Intoxication, Violation of Probation/Parole, Violation of Probation/Parole, PC594(b)(1) Monday, July 26, 10:51 a.m.
CHARLES FLYNT MAIZLAND FoPD Arrest or Detention HS11354(a), HS11357(a), PC1203.2(a), Public Intoxication, Resisting Arrest Monday, July 26, 1:03 p.m.
TERRY BENDA HCSO Arrest or Detention Public Intoxication Monday, July 26, 2:43 p.m.
MELISSA MARIE RYAN JAIL Commitment VC23578, VC23578 Monday, July 26, 3:31 p.m.
JOANNA MICHAL NORDNESS HCSO Arrest or Detention PC69, PC242 Monday, July 26, 3:34 p.m.
BRIAN ROBERT KESNER EPD Arrest or Detention Public Intoxication Monday, July 26, 4:55 p.m.
TORREY VIRGIL MASTEN EPD Arrest or Detention Public Intoxication, Possession of Controlled Substance, HS11364(a) Monday, July 26, 10:31 p.m.
KEITH KIYOSHI KAKUGAWA EPD Arrest or Detention PC245(A)(4), PC3000.08(C), PC69, Criminal Threats, PC236 Tuesday, July 27, 12:35 a.m.
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APD Arrest or Detention VC23152(b), DUI Tuesday, July 27, 1:32 a.m.
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APD Arrest or Detention PC594(b)(2)(A), PC459/461(b) Tuesday, July 27, 2:54 a.m.
NATHAN HOWARD FOWLER RDPD Arrest or Detention PC591.5, PC236, Domestic Battery, PC242, PC240 Tuesday, July 27, 3 a.m.
LAWRENCE MILTON V WOOD HCSO Arrest or Detention PC242, PC240 Tuesday, July 27, 4 a.m.

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