Monday, July 25:

5 felonies, 8 misdemeanors, 0 infractions

This page notes the names of those processed by the Humboldt County Jail, or into a supervised release program, at the date and time indicated. As always, please remember that people should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Name Agency Type Charges Time
BILLY JOE SCHMITT HCSO Arrest or Detention PC273.5(a), PC594(b)(2)(A), PC273.6(a), PC273.6(a) Sunday, July 24, 7:15 a.m.
SANFORD EARL VONLADWIG HCSO Arrest or Detention PC245(a)(4), Possession of Controlled Substance, HS11364, PC1203.2(a) Sunday, July 24, 8:33 a.m.
JESUS ARMANDO CAMACHO-RUBIO HCSO Arrest or Detention PC21510, Possession of Controlled Substance, PC647(h) Sunday, July 24, 9:26 a.m.
TYLER THOMAS KNAUFF FoPD Bench Warrant PC529(a)(3), PC459/461(a), PC3455(a), PC487(a), Receiving Stolen Property, Resisting Arrest Sunday, July 24, 11:23 a.m.
ELIZABETH RENEE LUCAS APD Bench Warrant VC14601.2(a), VC4000(a)(1), VC16028(a), VC14601.2(a), VC14601.1(a), VC16028(a), VC14601.2(a), VC4000(a)(1), VC16028(a), HS11364(a), VC14601.2(a), VC16028(a), VC14601.2(a), VC4000(a)(1), VC16028(a), VC14601.2(a), VC16028(c), VC14601.5(a), Violation of Probation/Parole Sunday, July 24, 11:38 a.m.
WENDY LEIGH DAVISON EPD Arrest Warrant PC594(b)(2)(A), PC166(a)(4) Sunday, July 24, 11:42 a.m.
JULIAN RICHARD LAFAYETTE EPD Arrest or Detention PC1203.2(a), PC21310 Sunday, July 24, 3:58 p.m.
KALUB RUDOLPHWALTER ULMER FoPD Arrest or Detention HS11364(A), PC148(A)(1), PC3000.08(C), PC21310, PC30305(a) Sunday, July 24, 8:01 p.m.
STEPHANIE ANNETTE SANCHEZ HCSO Arrest or Detention PC166(a)(1) Sunday, July 24, 8:02 p.m.
ROSALIE ETHEL BUZZARD HCSO Arrest or Detention Public Intoxication Sunday, July 24, 8:46 p.m.
ISAIAH JAMES DANIELS HCSO Arrest Warrant PC273.6(A) Sunday, July 24, 11:03 p.m.
MONTY CHRISTOPHER SPARKS EPD Arrest or Detention PC240, PC242, PC1203.2(A)(2) Monday, July 25, 12:35 a.m.
JONATHON WAYNE DIXON RDPD Arrest or Detention Public Intoxication, PC591.5, PC243(E)(1) Monday, July 25, 1:52 a.m.
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