(UPDATED) Judge: Sidelines and Toby & Jack’s Should Have Their Liquor Licenses Revoked

North Coast Co-op Lays Off Employees, Postpones Eureka Remodel Amid Financial Struggles

Here’s Why Eureka Didn’t (Yet) Ask the Attorney General to Investigate the New East-West Rail Scheme

Large-Scale Wind Farm South of Scotia Should Be Up and Running in Roughly Two Years, Project Director Says

Attorneys Make Closing Arguments in Plaza Bars Drug-Dealing Hearing

Arcata Plaza Bars Sidelines, Toby & Jack’s Could Lose Liquor Licenses as ABC Hears Drug Dealing Case

Adios, Bien Padre: Local Tortilla and Corn Chip Company Shutting Down After 45 Years in Business

(VIDEO) Protestors Lock Themselves to Gate to Prevent HRC Logging of Mattole Forrest

Local Environmental Groups File Complaint Against U.S. Forest Service and Mercer-Fraser Co. Over Operations at Willow Creek Property

CEASE AND DOSIST: The Weed Company Formerly Known as ‘hmbldt’ Has Changed Its Name

County Looking to Purchase Eureka Kmart Property

Humboldt Creamery Workers Ready to Strike After Voting to Reject Contract Offer From Parent Corporation

Humboldt Creamery to Stop Processing Fluid Milk Locally; 10 Jobs to be Eliminated

Arkleys Clarify Indian Island Intentions, Say They Want to Buy It to ‘Preserve It for the Entire Community’

(AUDIO) Rob Arkley Wants to Buy Indian Island to Keep Eureka From Returning it to ‘The Natives’

Huffman Introduces Bill to Protect Local TV From Corporate Consolidation: ‘This is Not the Soviet Union’

Arcata Getting New Steakhouse; McK Grocery Outlet Construction Going ‘Pretty Well’; And Check Out This Three-Wheeled Coffee Shop! (and More!)

Do You HATE Your TERRIBLE JOB? There Might Well be Options Available for You at Next Week’s Career Fair

Blue Lake’s Iconic E&O Bowling Alley Has New Owners — And No, They’re Not Turning it Into a Marijuana Thing

Real Estate Listings for Humboldt’s Weed-Growing Properties Now Feature Transparent Advertising, Sky-High Prices

As State and Federal Funding Dwindles, Local Governments Struggle to Provide Affordable Housing

Uber Comes to Humboldt, Bringing Modern Convenience and Corporate Baggage

SECURITY NATIONAL CLARIFIES: We’re Not Making Money Off Growers — We’re Making Money Off People Making Money Off Growers

END OF AN ERA: Three Scotia Homes in Escrow and More to Follow, as the Historic Pacific Lumber Company Town Begins to Transfer Itself to the Citizenry

Yes, PenAir Flight Delays Have Been Horrible, But Things Are About to Improve, Company Says

Wells Fargo Issues Statement in Response to Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

South Korean Brewery Up and Running in Eureka, Hosting Tasting Party Friday

That Superfast Undersea Internet? You’re Probably Not Getting It, Unless You are One of 307 People Who Live in Lewiston

New, Superfast Internet From the Ocean? Harbor District to Hear $1.75 Million Proposal to Connect Humboldt to Undersea Cables

Jobs Returning to the Old Sierra Pacific Mill in Manila; New Owner Plans Business Park, Possible Weed Grow

Former DA Paul Gallegos is Representing the Nonprofit Suing Insurance Agent John Ford for Fraud

Crab Strike Ends: Fishermen, Wholesalers Reach Agreement on Prices

Eureka Crab Festival Canceled Due to Lack of Crab, Which is Due to the West Coast Crab Fishermen’s Strike

Crabbers Update Public on Strike, Vow to Continue Fight for $3 Per Pound Wholesale Prices

Humboldt Bay Crab Fishermen Launch Strike That Now Extends From Bodega Bay North to Washington

People Bought Lots of Guns This Year to Avoid New Laws Taking Effect in 2017

HELP! Are There Any Christmas Trees Still for Sale Anywhere in Humboldt County?

McKinleyville Auto Shop Being Evicted After 16 Years to Make Room for Marijuana Business

Commercial Crab Season Opens Today From North Jetty to Oregon Border

Hoopa Valley Tribe Inks Deal With Wood Products Manufacturer to Fill Old Hoopa Modular Facility

HUMBOLDT RETAIL EMPLOYEES BEWARE! Primal Decor Wins DHHS’ First Undercover Customer Service Sting

Minor Theatre to Reopen (With Beer) Under New Ownership Sept. 16

Neighbors of Squires-Owned Building Win Insurance Settlement Over Nuisance Property

Arcata Theatre on the Market for $1.85 Million

Health Inspector Visits Eureka Wendy’s After Woman Claims to Find a Dragonfly in Her Berry Salad

North Coast Co-op to Boycott Driscoll’s Berries, Some Haagen-Dazs Flavors

Ray’s Food Place, Hoopa Valley Tribe Issue Warring Press Releases as Grocery Leaves Hoopa Forever

Loleta Cheese Factory to Emerge From Bankruptcy Under New Ownership; Grilled Cheese Sandwich Bar Planned

County Health Inspectors Ask Rat-Infested Hoopa Supermarket to Shut its Doors Completely

Ray’s Food Place Issues FAQ on Rat-Infested Hoopa Supermarket, Calls on Tribe to Fix Building