Jury Convicts Bank Robber Ezra Keith Williams on Three Felony Counts

Kitchen Trial Delayed Again; Accused Killer’s New Attorney Wishes to Explore Different Line of Defense

Lawson Family Attorney Shelley Mack Responds

In Claim Against City of Arcata, Lawyer for Family of Slain Student Josiah Lawson Reveals New Evidence in Criminal Investigation

The Lawson Claim’s Litany of Embarrassing Arcata Police Department Errors Doesn’t Even Mention the Most Damaging One

Hoopa Man Accused of Murdering Sister Deemed Mentally Incompetent to Stand Trial

Rio Dell Woman Freed From Jail, Sentenced to Probation for Involuntary Manslaughter Over Fatal Hash Lab Explosion

Another Delay in Case of Eureka Man Accused of Molesting Two Girls

JUDGE: Then-Teenage Murder Suspect Will be Tried as an Adult; Three Suspects in 2014 Killing of 14-Year-Old Boy Go to Trial Next Month

Kitchen Trial Should Go Forward as Planned Starting May 29, Defense Attorney Tells Judge This Morning

Dressed to Impress, Elderly Fortuna Woman Accused of Slinging Meth Enters Not Guilty Plea

Fortuna Man Pleads Not Guilty in July 2017 Shooting at Arcata House Party

Judge Declines to Drop Child Molestation Charges Against Storyteller ‘Carpathian’; Trial Scheduled to Begin Later This Month

Landlords in Fatal Rio Dell Hash Lab Explosion Get Probation; Colleague of the Deceased Get Community Service, Also

Juvenile or Adult? Over Several Days of Testimony, Lawyers Argue About How to Try Suspect in 2014 Slaying of 14-Year-Old Boy

Judge Relents, Releases Man Who Pleaded Guilty in Fatal Rio Dell Hash Lab Explosion Before Sentencing

Trial for McKinleyville DUI Murder Suspect Delayed Again

Judge Denies Eric Lively’s Motion for New Trial, Sentences Convicted Shelter Cove Murder to 15 to Life

Visiting Judge Declines to Release Suspect in Fatal Rio Dell Hash Lab Explosion in Advance of His Sentencing

Fortuna City Manager Mark Wheetley Pleads No Contest to Drinking and Driving Charges, Will Serve Time

Judge Lowers McKinleyville DUI Murder Suspect’s Bail to $300,000

Previously Declared Mentally Incompetent, Accused Ferndale Cop-Shooter Will Stand Trial After All

GUILTY: Jon Goldberg Convicted of Second-Degree Murder in 2016 Fortuna Slaying of Firefighter Tim Smith

Jury in Goldberg Murder Trial Asks For Read-Back of Key Testimony

Judge Scolds Goldberg Trial Jurors for Talking About the Case Outside of the Jury Room

GOLDBERG CLOSING ARGUMENTS: Prosecution Wraps Up By Ridiculing Defense’s Case; Accused Murderer’s Fate in Hands of Jury

GOLDBERG TRIAL, CLOSING ARGUMENTS: ‘Not Guilty’ the Only Reasonable Verdict, Says Defense Attorney in Passionate Appeal to Jury

Closing Arguments Underway in Goldberg Murder Trial

Goldberg Closing Arguments Delayed as Juror Calls in Sick

GOLDBERG TRIAL, FINAL DAY: Murder Suspect Wraps Up Emotional Testimony; Jury to Deliberate Monday

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY 11: Accident, Self-Defense or Murder? Jon Goldberg Testifies About the Moment He Shot Tim Smith

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY 11, Part 1: Murder Suspect Takes the Stand, Tearfully Recounts Learning of His Wife’s Affair With Victim

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY TEN: Mother of the Accused Testifies About What He Was Like as a Boy; Psychologist Says Goldberg Told Him Shooting Was Accidental

Rio Dell Hash Lab Explosion Suspects Plead Guilty to Manslaughter, Drugs Charges and Child Endangerment

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY NINE: Murder Suspect’s Wife Gives Tearful Testimony, Says She Had Sex, Shared Explicit Photos With Victim

Judge Rules That Marci Kitchen May Not Travel to Oregon

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY EIGHT: Defense Witness Call Goldbergs a Bridgeville ‘Power Couple’; Attorney Seeks to Raise Doubts About Whether Victim Was Unarmed

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY EIGHT: Expert Witness Tells Jury About Communication Between the Victim, the Suspect and Each of Their Wives on the Morning of the Shooting

HUMBOLDT MURDER TRIAL ROUNDUP: Aubrey Gets New Attorney; Kobak, Valenzuela Trials Postponed While Public Defender Works Goldberg Case

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY SEVEN, Part II: Friend Testifies He Drove Murder Suspect Home Day of Shooting, Told Him Cops Were Coming and to Be Nice

Judge Delays Sentencing for Shelter Cove Murderer Eric Lively; Defense Will Ask for New Trial

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY SEVEN, Part I: Four of the Five of the Bullets That Struck Tim Smith Could Have Killed Him On Their Own, Medical Examiner Testifies

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY SIX: The Victim’s Son and a DA Investigator Testified Today, Along With a Man Who Was Flipped Off By Murder Suspect on the Day of the Shooting

Judge Allows Marci Kitchen’s Lawyers to Quit; Newly Appointed Attorney Says She’ll Be Ready by Scheduled Trial Date

McKinleyville Man Sentenced to 270 Days in Jail for Running Over 11-Year-Old While Drunk

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY FIVE, Part II: Suspect Said He Was Going to Kill Wife’s Boyfriend, Neighbor Testifies

Hoopa Murder Suspect’s Preliminary Hearing Rescheduled

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY FIVE, Part I: ‘I just held my mom and told her it was going to be OK,’ Victim’s Son Testifies

GOLDBERG MURDER TRIAL, DAY FOUR: Victim’s Wife Testifies She Heard Gunshots Then Ran Outside to Find Her Husband Dying on the Ground

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY THREE: Nearby Construction Workers Testify They Saw Murder Suspect Casing House Before Tim Smith Was Shot Dead