McKinleyville Man Sentenced to 270 Days in Jail for Running Over 11-Year-Old While Drunk

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY FIVE, Part II: Suspect Said He Was Going to Kill Wife’s Boyfriend, Neighbor Testifies

Hoopa Murder Suspect’s Preliminary Hearing Rescheduled

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY FIVE, Part I: ‘I just held my mom and told her it was going to be OK,’ Victim’s Son Testifies

GOLDBERG MURDER TRIAL, DAY FOUR: Victim’s Wife Testifies She Heard Gunshots Then Ran Outside to Find Her Husband Dying on the Ground

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY THREE: Nearby Construction Workers Testify They Saw Murder Suspect Casing House Before Tim Smith Was Shot Dead

GOLDBERG TRIAL, DAY TWO: Witness Testifies That Accused Murderer Physically Fought With His Wife, Fired Weapon Near Her on Morning of Crime

Lawyers Quit Marci Kitchen, Say She is Out of Money

SoHum Man Sentenced to 9 Years for Role in 2015 Trailer Shooting Near Garberville

Ruthless Revenge Killing or Unfortunate Tragedy? Murder Trial Underway for Man Accused of Murdering Wife’s Boyfriend in Fortuna.

‘Long-Barrel Bandit’, Perpetrator in 2016 Humboldt-wide Crime Spree, Sentenced to 25 Years in State Prison

Antone Aubrey, Hoopa Man Accused of Murdering Sister, Pleads Not Guilty

How Happy Was That ‘Happy Card’? Manila Murder Defendant Can’t be Tried for Possession of Meth in Jail, Judge Rules

Victim Testifies in ‘Carpathian’ Child Molestation Pre-Trial Hearing; Eureka 17-Year-Old Says She Was Abused Consistently for Three Years

Defense Attorney Signals That Plea Deal for ‘Carpathian,’ Accused Child Molester, May Be in the Works

Arcata Woman Pleads Guilty to Killing Infant Daughter, Headed to State Mental Hospital

Arcata Man Found Guilty of Carrying Concealed Dirk or Dagger, Other Charges

Arcata Woman to Agree to Plea Deal in Death of Infant Child; Prosecution, Defense Agree That Misztal Was Mentally Ill

After Months of Treatment in Mental Hospital, Woman Accused of 2016 Hammer Attack on Walgreen’s Clerk Now Apparently Fit to Stand Trial

Second Woman Held to Answer For Blue Heron Fire

75-Year-Old Eureka Man Will Be Tried for Murder of Roommate, Judge Rules

Jury Convicts McKinleyville Man of Felony DUI for Running Into Teen on Central Avenue Last Year

GUILTY: Jury Finds Eric Lively Guilty of Second Degree Murder After Less Than Five Hours of Deliberation; Sentencing Scheduled for Early March

LIVELY TRIAL: Jury Hears Final Arguments in Shelter Cove Murder Case; Deliberations Begin

LIVELY TRIAL, CLOSING ARGUMENTS: Defense Attorney Rips Into District Attorney’s Case: Why Didn’t Prosecution Call Upon CHP Crash Investigators to Testify?

LIVELY TRIAL, CLOSING ARGUMENTS: Shelter Cove Murder Suspect Believed Victim Was Part of ‘Tweaker Network’ Always Stealing From Him, Says Prosecutor

Lasinksi Attorney Says State Should Be Held in Contempt for Making Her Client Wait So Long to Be Admitted to Mental Institution

LIVELY TRIAL, DAY TWELVE: Prosecution Calls Upon Cops to Undermine Defendant’s Recollection of Facts; Testimony Ends

‘Long-Barrel Bandit’ Accepts Plea, Will Serve 25 Years; Rio Dell Man Committed Eight Armed Robberies Throughout Humboldt

LIVELY TRIAL, DAY ELEVEN: Victim Had ‘Toxic’ Levels of Meth in His Blood; Defense Rests

LIVELY TRIAL, DAY TEN: Defendant Spends Second Day on the Stand Denying Testimony of Police, Previous Victim, His Own Teenage Daughter

Psychiatrist Deems Accused Ferndale Cop-Shooter Mentally Incompetent; Prosecution Seeks Second Opinion

Another Humboldt County Judge Retires: John Feeney Stepping Down From the Bench Next Month

LIVELY TRIAL, DAY NINE: The Defendant Takes the Stand, in Tears; Says ‘I Wasn’t Looking for Any Trouble’

LIVELY TRIAL, DAY EIGHT: Accused Shelter Cove Murderer’s Ex Testifies He Was Abusive, Often Provoked Neighbors; Prosecution Rests

Judge Dale Reinholtsen To Retire After Two Decades on Humboldt Superior Court Bench

LIVELY TRIAL, DAY SEVEN: Jurors Hear About That Other Time Eric Lively Was Arrested For Attempting to Run Someone Over With His Truck

LIVELY TRIAL, DAY SIX: Police Testify That Fatal Collision Took Place in the Middle of the Road, Suggesting Victim May Have Been at Fault

LIVELY TRIAL, DAY FIVE: Police, Firefighter Testify About Victim’s Last Minutes, Subsequent Investigation

Judge Feeney Declines to Condemn Mentally Ill Arcata Man to Three Years in Prison

LIVELY TRIAL, DAY FOUR: Boss Testifies Accused Shelter Cove Murderer Said ‘He Might Go Kill His Neighbor’

Deer Poacher Shawn Hof Jr. Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison For Shooting at Game Warden

Blue Heron Arsonist Gets Two Years

Case for Ghost Storyteller Accused of Child Molestation Postponed; Two Judges Disqualified from Presiding

LIVELY TRIAL, DAY THREE: Trial Mysteriously Suspended, Jurors Sent Home

DA Seeks to File More Sexual Abuse Charges Against Former Cop Charged With Child Molestation

LIVELY TRIAL, DAY TWO: Daughter of Shelter Cove Murder Suspect Testifies, Says That Father Told Her Not to Call Police

Last Three Defendants in Manila Roadside Murder Plot Get Court Dates; Separate Trials to Begin in March

LIVELY TRIAL, DAY ONE: Shelter Cove Murder-by-Truck Trial Begins, With Prosecution and Defense Laying Out Dramatically Different Cases

Benbow Home Invader Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison For Robbery, Kidnapping, Solicitation of Perjury