August 2023

A Rex Challenger Emerges: Gordon Clatworthy Announces Candidacy for Humboldt County Board of Supervisors’ First District Seat

Supervisor Rex Bohn is Soliciting Donations for Re-election Campaign Without the Required Paperwork

(PHOTOS) ‘1 More Time!’ Rex Bohn Launches Campaign for Fourth Term on Humboldt’s Board of Supervisors

July 2023

Humboldt County Will Soon Transition to Voter’s Choice-Style Elections, and the County Wants Your Input

December 2022

The Final Results of the November 6 Election Are In, and The Results Are What You Now Expect Them to Be

November 2022

EARTH FLAG RESURGENT! Cervantes, Fernandez, De Loach and Ryan Easy Winners With Most Votes Counted, and It Looks Like That Earth Flag Will Hang High in Arcata

NEW ELECTION REPORT! Fernandez Pulls Ahead in Eureka Ward 3 With 9,614 Additional Votes Tallied; Arcata Earth Flag Back in Play

With 10,000 More Ballots Counted, Cervantes Pulls Farther Ahead; Fullerton Lead Shrinks; Around 20,000 Ballots Still to be Tallied

POLLZ: Please Tell Us Who You Think Won the Election, Because We Don’t Know

ELECTION RESULTS: Few Votes Counted on Election Night, Leaving Many Races Up in the Air; Matthews, White Look Like Locks in Arcata

(UPDATING) ELECTION NIGHT RESULTS! Follow Live! All the Vote Counts as They Happen, Plus Scene Reports From the Parties! The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Defeat!

The Last-Minute Voter’s Guide to Actually Filling Out and Turning in Your Damn Ballot!

October 2022

Eureka City Council Candidates for Third and Fifth Ward Field Questions on Homelessness, Job Creation, Sea Level Rise and More During Wednesday Night Forum

Elections Office Alerts Ferndale Residents to an Error in the Voter Information Guide, Which Former Ferndale Enterprise Poobah Caroline Titus Tweeted About Yesterday

It’s CAMPAIGN FORUM Season! Here’s an Updating Schedule of Events Featuring Your Candidates for City Council and More

September 2022

A Small Group of Prolific Public Commenters Dominated This Week’s Candidate Briefing for Eureka City Council Hopefuls, Derailing the Forum to Grill City Staff on Hot-Button Issues

August 2022

LoCO Elections is Back! Here is a Convenient Forum to Grill Candidates for Local City Councils and More!

Judge Settles Dispute Over Tiffany Hunt Nielsen’s Candidate Statement in Race for County Clerk, Recorder and Registrar of Voters

EUREKA MAYOR’S RACE SET! Kim Bergel to Run Unopposed for Eureka Mayor

Arcata City Council Race Updates: Joe Ostini Didn’t Qualify; Candidate Statements Available for Your Viewing Pleasure

ARCATA CITY COUNCIL RACE: Five Candidates Have Officially Qualified for the Ballot; Two More Waiting to Have Signatures Verified

EUREKA COUNCIL RACES SET! Castellano to Run Unopposed; Head-to-Head Races in Third, Fifth Wards; Another Week for Mayoral Nomations

EUREKA ELECTIONS: Meet Some Candidates for the November General Election! Bergel Announces Bid for Mayor, Castellano Launches Reelection Campaign, Three Additional Candidates Vie for Council Seats

July 2022

ARCATA CITY COUNCIL ELECTION: Councilmember Meredith Matthews Announces Candidacy; One Other Community Member Has Taken Out Nomination Papers So Far

Eureka Mayor Susan Seaman Says She Will Not Seek Re-Election

ELECTION REDUX: It’s Almost Time to Take Out Those Papers to Run For City Office!

FINAL ELECTION UPDATE: Everything Has Remained as You Expected It Would!

June 2022

ELECTION UPDATE: With a Little More Than 6,000 More Ballots Counted Since Last Week, Natalie Arroyo a Lock for Next Fourth District Supervisor

ELECTION UPDATE! With 9,080 More Votes Counted, Arroyo Scoots Way Up Into No-Runoff-Needed Territory

Responding to Election Results, Paz Dominguez Tells Voters ‘Thank You’ and County Leaders ‘Be Better’

ELECTION UPDATE! Arroyo’s Lead Ticks Back Up After Elections Office Counts About 3,600 More Votes

With More Than 20,000 Ballots Yet Uncounted, Final Election Results May Not Be Known for a Month

ELECTION NIGHT FINAL! Dillingham, Eads, Madrone, Stillman With Big Leads; Fourth District Supervisor Race Teetering on Runoff for Arroyo; Reports From Campaign Parties and More!

It’s ELECTION DAY! If You Haven’t Voted Yet, You Need to Do That By 8 P.M. Celebrate Democracy!

[UPDATED] Some Folks Missed the Reporting Deadline, But Here are the Local Campaign Fundraising Totals With Less Than a Week Before Election Day

May 2022

Why Was Adrian Kamada Fired From the DA’s Office? The Candidate and the Current District Attorney Disagree.

ARCATA VOTERS BEWARE: The Instructions On Your Sample Ballot Are Wrongy-Wrong-Wrong

It’s Been a Busy Few Days on LoCO Elections. Here’s a Roundup of Your Questions Recently Answered by Local Candidates for Office

Measure J: Arts Community Calls Proposed Tax Hike a ‘Win-Win’ for Tourists and Residents Alike

ELECTION LIMERICK ROUNDUP! Please Stop Sending Us Election Limericks Now

April 2022

[UPDATED] CAMPAIGN FUNDRAISING ROUNDUP: Conservative Challengers Rake in the Dough, With Newman and Doss Leading the Money Race

MEASURE K: Humboldt County Wants Voters to Re-renew the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program

DON’T CALL IT A DEBATE! Here is a List of Upcoming ‘Candidate Forums’ With Candidates for Local Office

Measure J: Humboldt County Lodging Alliance Express Outrage Over ‘Misleading’ Transient Occupancy Tax Hike

LoCO ELECTIONS: Candidates for DA, Supervisor, Judge and Arcata City Council Answer Numerous Questions on Their Platforms and Experience

ELECTION LIMERICK ROUNDUP! This Feature Seems to be Running Out of Steam, and Maybe That’s For the Best

YET MORE ELECTION LIMERICKS! Readers’ Verses in Honor of Their Favored Candidates Continue to Pour Into Our Inbox Like the ‘64 Flood

First Election Limerick Roundup! Wowza, You People are Really Terrible at Writing Limericks

Cheryl Dillingham Officially Announces Bid For Auditor-Controller in Front of Romano Gabriel Sculpture Garden

(UPDATE) Arcata’s Mayor Can’t Participate in the City-Defining Gateway Area Plan; These Two Current Candidates for City Council Probably Can’t Either, for the Same Reason

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