April 2024

‘We Must Do Better’: Rep. Jared Huffman Responds to Statewide Salmon Fishery Closure

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Coping with Climate Anxiety

March 2024

THE ECONEWS REPORT: How Do Fish Get Counted, and Why Does Genetic Diversity Matter?

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Can We Clean Up Humboldt Bay Before the Sea Rises?

THE ECONEWS REPORT: You Loved the Movie. Now See Humboldt’s Dunes!

Coastal Commission Finds ‘Substantial Issues’ With Schneider’s Plans to Demolish Half-Built Dream Mansion, Takes Over Jurisdiction of the Project

(PHOTOS) Deconstruction Underway on Copco No. 1, the Second of Four Dams Slated for Removal on Klamath River

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Dam Removal is Sometimes Messy (But Worth It)

Gas Bubble Disease Claims Thousands of Fall-Run Chinook Salmon Fry in Klamath River, CDFW Reports

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Hydrogen Buses Coming to Humboldt

February 2024

(VIDEO) Watch a Cliffside Near Centerville Beach Slide Into the Ocean

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Is Humboldt Bay the Canary in the Coal Mine for Sea Level Rise?

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Delving Deeper into Port Electrification

Initial Drawdown Complete, Klamath Basin Restoration Has Begun Ahead of Historic Dam Removal This Fall

Interior Department Reaches Landmark Agreement with Klamath Basin Tribes, Project Irrigators to Collaborate on Ecosystem Restoration and Water Reliability

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Greening the Grid

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Declining Access to Public Spaces

January 2024

THE ECONEWS REPORT: How Did the Harbor District Land Almost Half a Billion Dollars?

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Supply Skepticism — Can Building More Housing Reduce Costs?

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Coho Salmon in Downtown Arcata?

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Our New Years’ Poetry Show

December 2023

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Barred Owls Impact More than Spotted Owls

ECONEWS REPORT: The Bird Buzz with Ken Burton

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Meet the Energy Superstar at the Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District

Hoopa Valley Tribe Announces (Another) Big Legal Win Over Westlands Water District

November 2023

THE ECONEWS REPORT: California’s Coast vs. Sea Level Rise

THE ECONEWS REPORT: What Has Sacramento Done for Us Lately?

BREAKING: PG&E Plans to Remove Eel River Dams

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Rep. Huffman Talks Legislative Priorities

THE ECONEWS REPORT: How Much Do You Know About Humboldt Bay Oysters?

October 2023

ECONEWS REPORT: HumCo Climate Action Plan Careening Towards Cliff?

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Tsunamis, Sea Level Rise, and Humboldt Bay’s Spent Nuclear Waste Site

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Looking Back on a Week Without Driving

ECONEWS REPORT: The Latest on the Seismically Unsafe Scott Dam

Water Quality Board Awards Wastewater Discharge Permit for Nordic Aquafarms’ Planned Peninsula Facility

September 2023

THE ECONEWS REPORT: What’s the Deal with all the Construction on Highway 101?

Enviro Groups Accuse County of Undermining Climate Action Plan With an ‘Accounting Trick’; Planners Say That’s False

Yurok Tribe and Others are Preparing a Stretch of the Klamath River to Flow Freely for the First Time in a Century

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Celebrate Latino Heritage Month with Latino Outdoors

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Coastal Cleanup Month is Here!

NEW PEST ALERT: Invasive Jumping Worm Detected in Humboldt County for the First Time

THE ECONEWS REPORT: An Ode to the Humble (and Humboldt) Oyster

August 2023

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Kids Beat Montana to Uphold Right to a Healthy Environment

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Sonoma Proposal for Eel River Dams, and Why Humboldt Should Be Wary

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Are Environmental Laws in the Way?

July 2023

THE ECONEWS REPORT: What’s a Walkable Community?

THE ECONEWS REPORT: NIMBY Initiative on the Ballot?

THE ECONEWS REPORT: What’s In Store for Offshore Port Development?

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Celebrate Plastic Free July!

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Flow Enhancement Projects on the South Fork Eel

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