May 2019

Caltrout Gets Big State Grant to Return 950 Acres of Cannibal Island to Marshland

Stakeholders Voice Concerns and Cautious Optimism About Offshore Wind Energy at McGuire-Hosted Hearing

April 2019

Feds to Consider Adding Northern California Summer Steelhead to Endangered Species List

Wind Energy Project Near Scotia Would Impact Birds and the View, Report Finds; Public Scrutiny Invited

March 2019

Trinidad Rancheria Wants Harbor Property Placed in Federal Trust, Raising Concerns About Public Access, Environment and Tribal Rights

February 2019

MORE SEWAGE STILL! Turns Out Fortuna Contributed Another 14,000 Gallons of the Raw Stuff to the Eel Yesterday; Tiny Ferndale Also Chipped In

OH, SHIT! More Than 10,000 Gallons of Raw Sewage Were Dropped Into the Bay This Morning, and More Into the Eel This Afternoon

Weed and Water Diversion: State Fish and Wildlife Service Studying Environmental Effects of Cultivation in the Upper Mattole This Year

Humboldt Baykeeper Says: Samoa Fish Farm Proposal Looks Good So Far, But the Devil Will Be in the Details

Big Week for Klamath Dam Removal: State Panel to Hold Hearings in Arcata, Orleans, Sacramento

(PHOTOS) Inmate Work Crew Cleans Up Homeless Encampment on the Banks of the Mad River

January 2019

Rep. Huffman Set to Bird-Dog Trump Administration’s Environmental Shenanigans, if Those Exist, as Chair of Prestigious New Natural Resources Subcommittee

(UPDATE) PG&E Says It Will Abandon Efforts to Sell or Relicense Eel River-Diverting Dams at Potter Valley

Surfrider Foundation Wants You to Post Photos of Washed Up Shotgun Wads to Its Data Collection Map

November 2018

Big Tributary of the Eel Opens Up for Fish Passage After San Francisco-Based Non-Profit Removes Dead Railroad Tracks

Crab Fishermen Sue Oil Companies for Screwing Up the Planet and Lying About Climate Change

October 2018

(MAP, PHOTOS) Rancher’s Deal With Northcoast Regional Land Trust Preserves 15,000 Acres in the Mad River Watershed

Large-Scale Wind Farm South of Scotia Should Be Up and Running in Roughly Two Years, Project Director Says

Part of the Waterfront Trail Will be Temporarily Closed For Invasive Plant Eradication This Week

September 2018

PG&E Announces That It’s Now Accepting Bids on Potter Valley Dams, Which Take Water From the Eel Put it in the Russian

August 2018

Mendo County Stakeholders Want to Take Over the Potter Valley Project, Which Diverts Water From the Eel; Local Enviros Say That Spells Trouble

July 2018

Huffman Introduces ‘Northwest California Wilderness, Recreation, and Working Forests Act’ To Restore and Protect Local Land

(VIDEO) Protestors Lock Themselves to Gate to Prevent HRC Logging of Mattole Forrest

Paintings by Local Artist Matt Beard Selected to Promote This Year’s California Coastal Cleanup Day

Humboldt Bay is at the Highest Risk of Sea-Level Rise on the Entire West Coast, Study Says

June 2018

County Government Says Klamath Dam Plan Represents ‘Major Milestone’ for the River, Fisheries

Klamath River Renewal Corp. Files ‘Definite Plan’ to Remove Four Hydroelectric Dams

County Health Department Develops Poop Test to Figure Out Who — or What — is Making Clam Beach So Poopy

The Humboldt Marten — an Adorable Mustelid Once Feared to Be Extinct — is Being Recommended for Protection Under California’s Endangered Species Act

Under Legal Threat From Feds, Van Duzen Gravel Miner Charged With Polluting and Altering Course of the River Agrees to Clean Up Mess

May 2018

Friends of the Eel Decries ‘Secret Plans’ For Future of River-Draining Potter Valley Dams; Board of Supes Meets on Issue Tomorrow

April 2018

(PHOTOS) OPERATION FREE THE DUDLEYA: Multiple Agencies Team Up to Replant Humboldt’s Stolen Succulents

Fateful Hearing on Klamath River Water Releases in San Francisco Today; Tribal Members, Upstream Farmers Caravaning to Federal Courthouse

SURVEY TIME! The North Coast Stormwater Coalition Wants YOU to Help It Help You Clean Up Our Waterways

Korean and Chinese Nationals Arrested for Allegedly Poaching 2,300+ Succulents From Trinidad

February 2018

Yurok Tribe Acquires Thousands of Acres of Blue Creek Watershed From Green Diamond; Will Manage Land to Restore Ecosystem

PG&E Tells Regional Commission It’s Thinking About Selling or Abandoning Potter Valley Dams, Which Take Water Out of the Eel and Send It South

January 2018

Lawmakers and Activists Blast Trump’s Move to Open Virtually All U.S. Waters to Offshore Drilling

December 2017

This Free Shopping Bag Will Help You Remember the Eureka Street Sweeping Schedule

November 2017

Local Environmental Group Submits Ballot Initiative to Recommend Clearcutting Ban in Humboldt County

September 2017

Karuk Tribe Picks Up $100k PG&E Climate Change Grant to Fund Traditional, Prescribed-Burn Forest Management

(VIDEO) The Squabbling Has Ended and the Dredging Has Begun! After Bureaucratic Scrap, the City of Eureka is Finally Excavating the Gunk From the City’s Public Marina

Environmental Leaders Say County’s Weed Ordinance and Draft EIR are Fine But Enforcement is Sorely Lacking

‘Blue-Green Algae’ Found in Big Lagoon Says Environmental Health Officials; Toxins Especially Hazardous to Children and Dogs

August 2017


Huffman Unveils Bill to Protect and Restore Local Forests and Watersheds, and He Wants Your Feedback

June 2017

Clam Beach Named Most Polluted Beach in California by Watchdog Group

May 2017

In Email to Sundberg, EPA Reaffirms Opposition to Beach Disposal of Dredge Spoils, But Eureka Official Insists It’s the Best Option

Supervisor Ryan Sundberg Appeals to National EPA Official on Marina Dredge Disposal

Senator McGuire to Hold Hearing on Collapse of Local Salmon Fishery

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