September 2020

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Interpreting the Parks

SMOKE REPORT: Conditions Looking Good on the Coast; Relief Possibly Coming for Inland Areas With Chance of Rain Later in the Week

(UPDATE) Toxic Cyanobacteria Discovered in Mad River, Says Blue Lake Rancheria; Avoid Contact With Water Near Blue Lake

THE ECONEWS REPORT: It’s Coastal Cleanup … Month?

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Building Cities for People, Not Cars

August 2020

THE ECONEWS REPORT: ‘Dog Ranch’ Dunes Saved from Development

A Company at a Crossroads: Huffman’s Klamath Forum Wraps With Sharp Questioning of Power Company Executive

Harbor District, Friends of the Dunes Develop Agreement With Security National to Acquire Oceanfront Dog Ranch, Conservation Group Announces

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Round-up Show! Billboards, Birdwatching and the Trump Administration’s Attack on Federal Environmental Laws

Court Sides With EPIC, Says Post-Fire Mendocino Forests Can’t Be Logged as Part of ‘Road Maintenance’

THE ECONEWS REPORT: What Will the Next Plan for the Northwest’s Forests Look Like?

July 2020

With Klamath Dam Removal Plan Going Sideways, Gov. Newsom Pleads With Warren Buffett to Salvage Deal

Local Enviro Group EPIC Joins Lawsuit Challenging Trump Administration’s ‘Attack’ on Federal Environmental Laws

Eureka Seafood Processing Plant Agrees to Pay $75k to Settle Old Eureka Sewage Violations, EPA Says

THE ECONEWS REPORT: A State of the Klamath Update: A Spirited Discussion on What That Big Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Decision Means

THE ECONEWS REPORT: A Proposed New Central Valley Dam Could Have Big Impacts on the Trinity River

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Treesits and Forest Defense in 2020

THE ECONEWS REPORT: The State of the Klamath

June 2020

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Let’s Talk About the Fabulous Abalone, With Author Ann Vileisis

McKAY RANCH SUBDIVISION: Environmental Groups Voice Concerns About 81-Acre, 320-Unit Development Planned in Cutten

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear 18-Year-Old Klamath Water Rights Case, Upholding Tribal Primacy

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Why Spring- and Summer-Run Salmonids are So Damn Interesting and Weird

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Kristen Lark, Ranger of the Six River National Forest’s Mad River Ranger District

County Receives $300K in EPA Funding to Continue Toxic Cleanup and Development on the Samoa Peninsula

May 2020

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Humboldt Social Media-Friendly Naturalist John Griffith

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Roundup — Dams, Billboards, Wildfire Smoke and All the Recent News

THE ECONEWS REPORT: An Existential Toolkit for the Climate Generation

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Welcome to the Wonderful New World of Electric Bicycles!

April 2020

Redwood Forests Can Play ‘Exceptionally Large Role’ in California’s Climate Change Strategy, According to Research Just Published by HSU and the Save the Redwoods League

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Backyard Birding for the Bored!

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Humboldt’s Climate Action Plan, With County Planner Connor McGuigan

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Victory Gardens!

March 2020

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Rep. Jared Huffman on the Federal COVID-19 Response

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Let’s Talk About Transportation Emissions

THE ECONEWS REPORT: How Can We Be Happy, Healthy, Effective Activists and People?

Klamath River Nonprofit Has Enough Money to Complete Dam Removal, It Announces After Key Federal Filing

February 2020

THE ECONEWS REPORT: The Wildlands Conservancy Protects Valuable California Ecology by Buying it Up

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Local Hugo-Award Winning Author Becky Chambers Talks About Her Worlds and This One

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Dead Billboards, The Great Redwood Trail and More!

As the Planet Heats Up, The County Plans to Address Rising Sea Levels With an Emissions Reduction Plan and a Slow Retreat Strategy

A Delegation of Norwegians is on a Whirlwind Tour of Humboldt, Scoping Green Economic Development Opportunities

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Monte Merrick, Wildlife Rescuer, Tells Us About His Work and Offers Some Tips

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Lessons From Terra-Gen

January 2020

NESTING SEASON! Be Careful With Tree and Shrub Work Between Now and September Says Arcata, Which Offers Helpful Tips

Sign Company Owner Threatens Lawsuit as Harbor District Looks to Ban New Billboards, Prohibit Repairs to Old Ones In Its Jurisdiction

THE ECONEWS REPORT: How Can We Make the Outdoors an Inclusive Space?

Terra-Gen Critics Said We Should Wait for Offshore Wind, But Will That Project Spark an Even Nastier Debate?

THE ECONEWS REPORT: What Does ‘Urbanism’ Mean in a Place Like Humboldt County?

THE ECONEWS REPORT: How Does Our Electric Grid Actually Work?

THE ECONEWS REPORT: Are Humboldt Bay King Tides a Harbinger of Sea Level Rise?

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