City of Arcata to Plant 115 Urban Street Trees and Shrubs During February and March

County Fines PG&E and Three Local Businesses for Hazardous Waste Violations

Wells Fargo Issues Statement in Response to Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

As Arctic Ice Melts and Humboldt Bayfront Land Sinks, Arcata Braces for Sea Level Rise

Huffman Applauds Obama Decision to Permanently Protect Atlantic & Arctic Oceans from Oil Drilling

Thanks, Rain! Chinook Salmon Look Abundant and Healthy in the Eel River.

CAUTION! Trinity River to Surge Today Through Next Month, For Fish-Saving Purposes

See Ya, Highway 101 Billboards!

Careful, Reggae Goers: Potentially Toxic Algae Now in Full Bloom on the Eel River

For the First Time in History, There Will be No Salmon at This Year’s Yurok Salmon Festival

Do You Like Clean Air? Are You a Lawyer or Medical Professional? Your Air Quality Control Board Needs You!

Large Fish Kill at Mad River Estuary ‘Not Armageddon,’ Says State Fish & Wildlife Dept.

Small Release of Black Gunk Pauses Environmental Remediation Work in Henderson Center

EPIC, Others Prepare to Sue Feds Over Failure to Protect Pacific Fisher

Crab Time: Get Your Dungeness South of the Mouth of Humboldt Bay

Pacific Fisher Denied Endangered Species Act Protection; Feds Cut Deal With Timber Industry, Withdraw Proposal

Yesterday’s Other Emergency Drill: Scientists Prep for Future Humboldt Bay Oil Spills

If You Notice Humboldt Bay Turning Red Next Week, Don’t Freak Out

Karuk Tribe and Environmental Groups File Lawsuit Over Logging Plan in Klamath National Forest

Humboldt Environmental Advocates in Morro Bay for Historic Coastal Commission Hearing

New Klamath Dam Removal Plan Announced, Bypassing Congress

UNBUNDYS RALLY: Public Land Fans Occupy Wildlife Area For a Little Bit, Sing, Eat Snacks, Then Leave (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

The Un-Bundys: Environmental Groups Plan Takeover of Federal Lands on South Spit

Center for Biological Diversity Threatens Lawsuit to Protect Local Frog

Enviro Groups Sue U.S. Fish & Wildlife Over Lack of Protection for Coastal Marten

(UPDATE: OPENED) Fishing Closed in Big Lagoon Due to Weekend Fuel Spill; Officials Confirm That Ducks Were ‘Oiled’

Invasive New Zealand Mud Snails Found on HSU Campus

Director of CDFW Enacts Emergency Delay of Commercial Crabbing Season Due to Domoic Acid Levels

Dungenless: California Fish and Game Commission Suspends Crabbing Season Until Domoic Acid Numbers are No Longer a Significant Risk

Dan Ehresman Resigns as Executive Director of the Northcoast Environmental Center

Huffman Announces Nearly $90k in USDA Grants to Promote Local Food

Reggae on the River To Go ‘Water-Neutral’

Huffman Bill Would Prohibit Oil Drilling in Arctic Ocean

Eel River Recovery Project: River Maintains Surface Flow Despite Record Lows

Salt Marsh Restoration Project Set to Begin Where That Big Water Bag by CR Is

‘There Is No Consensus’: Environmental Groups Call BS On CCVH Unity Announcement

California Cannabis Voice Humboldt Announces Consensus Agreement With Local Environmental Groups

First Wolf Pack in 91 Years Photographed in Northern California

(UPDATED) Coastal Grove Charter School Caught Watering Grass (and Sidewalk) During Forbidden Hours

NEC Calls for Public Critiques of California Cannabis Voice-Humboldt Draft Ordinance

As Fish Kill Fears Grow, Hoopa Valley Tribe Blasts Bureau of Reclamation’s Draft Trinity River Release Plans

Huffman Demands Federal Action to Prevent Klamath River Fish Kill

Academic Paper Suggests Legalizing Weed Would Help the Environment

Yurok Tribe Discovers Early Parasite Infestation in Klamath Salmon

The Hammond Trail Will Soon Extend North to Scenic Drive, Thanks to New Land Acquisition

(VIDEO) Watch This Guy Free Climb a Local Redwood Tree for Science

Backpack of Porn, Jar of Syringes: Creamery District Cleans Up Vagrant Campsite at Jolly Giant Creek

Humboldt Kids Assemble to Clean South Spit, Yank Invasives, Form Giant Sturgeon

That is Not Where That Goes: Discarded Waste Oil Spill Discovered Near Elk River

Mass Open Cattle Grave Bulldozed; Location of Carcasses Now Unknown