Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Wood Bill Protecting Residents of Skilled Nursing Homes

These Marijuana Bills From Our State Reps Could Shape California’s Legal Weed Industry

Blue Lake Highlighted in LA Times for Having California’s Only All-Woman City Council

Coastal Commission Reverses Course, Renews Coast Seafoods’ Shellfish Permit

California Department of Justice Agrees to Take Over Investigation of Humboldt County Public Administrator’s Office

Huffman Unveils Bill to Protect and Restore Local Forests and Watersheds, and He Wants Your Feedback

Covered California Premiums in Our Region Will Jump 33 Percent Next Year, Though Subsidies Could Help Offset Increase

Huffman Introduces Bill to Protect Local TV From Corporate Consolidation: ‘This is Not the Soviet Union’

‘No Reason to Think This Hasn’t Gone On For Years’: Sheriff Honsal Speaks on Corruption Inquiry

Help Eureka Redraw Its Ward Boundaries Now That Wards Actually Matter

Eureka Finally Backs Away From Beach Disposal Approach, Now Plans to Dump Bay’s Dredge Spoils Offshore

Firefighter Cannot Wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ Lapel Pin: Humboldt Bay Fire Board Upholds Chief’s Order

Local Firefighter Files Grievance After Being Told to Remove a ‘Black Lives Matter’ Lapel Pin From His Uniform

Amid Funding Troubles, County Library Struggles With Increased Crime, Drug Use and Homelessness

Eureka Councilmember Marian Brady Says ‘Cowardly’ Trinity Supervisors ‘Wimped Out’ and Ruined Humboldt’s Bright Future

In Email to Sundberg, EPA Reaffirms Opposition to Beach Disposal of Dredge Spoils, But Eureka Official Insists It’s the Best Option

Supervisor Ryan Sundberg Appeals to National EPA Official on Marina Dredge Disposal

Senator McGuire to Hold Hearing on Collapse of Local Salmon Fishery

Check Out The Arcata High Student’s Digital Art Piece That Won This Year’s Congressional Art Competition

State Kicks Down $1.5M for Cleanup of Illegal Weed Grow Operations in the Emerald Triangle

Supervisors Ponder How Strict to Be With Cannabis Cultivators

EPA Says Eureka, Harbor District Should Have Known Dredging Disposal on the Beach Wouldn’t be Allowed

Rep. Huffman Slams Passage of TrumpCare; Protests Planned at County Courthouse

EPA Rejects Eureka/Harbor District’s Plan to Dump Dredge Spoils on the Beach

Meet Michele Stephens, the County’s New Director of Public Health

Yay! Part Six of Eureka’s ‘Get to Know a Zone District’ Has Landed

Supervisors Vote to Fine-Tune Civil Rights & Diversity Resolution

Supervisor Rex Bohn Suggests Placing Liens on Properties With Weed-Related Code Violations

Community Votes to Spend Weed Tax Revenue on Children and Family Mental Health Services

RISE OF BRETT: Arcata City Council Unanimously Appoints New Councilmember to Fill Wheetley’s Seat

MORE WEED: County Looks to Accept New Cannabis Permit Applications in Environmental Review Process

Booya! Part Five of Eureka’s 14-Part Series ‘Get to Know a Zone District’ Just Dropped

As State and Federal Funding Dwindles, Local Governments Struggle to Provide Affordable Housing

Fire Equipment, Roadwork and a SnowCat Vehicle Top the List of Measure Z Spending Suggestions

Supervisors Approve Southern Humboldt Community Park Project

Major Development Project for Southern Humboldt Community Park Comes Before Supervisors Tuesday

(UPDATED) County Supervisors to Consider Resolution Supporting Diversity and Civil Rights for All Residents, Immigrants Included

(UPDATED with Sundberg Reaction) Sundberg Appointed to California Coastal Commission

County Receives $11M in Measure Z Funding Requests as Pool of Available Money Shrinks

East-West Rail Efforts Dealt a Blow as Trinity County Declines $276K Caltrans Grant for Feasibility Study

County Ends Employment of Cannabis Division Planner Following Conflict-of-Interest Inquiry

Eureka Officials Are Spending Today and Tomorrow ‘Visioning,’ Strategically, For the Future

‘Community Choice Energy’ is Just Two Months Away, Humboldt

Hooray! We’ve Got the Fourth Entry in Eureka’s 14-Part Series ‘Get to Know a Zone District’

Weed Permit Applications Reveal Breadth and Location of Demand in Humboldt

Here Comes the Huff! Congressman to Visit Arcata for Town Hall Meeting

County Fines PG&E and Three Local Businesses for Hazardous Waste Violations

Parents Concerned as Eureka City Schools Looks to Restrict Inter-District Transfers

Supervisors Appoint New Public Defender After Questionable Hiring Process

McGuire to Grill Lawmakers on ‘Unanswered Questions’ in State’s Efforts to Set Up Marijuana Regulations