Local Government

January 2020

Planning Commission Delays New Arcata Health Center Project Recommendation After Wiyot Tribe Requests Additional Archeological Survey

Humboldt County Needs Poll Workers! Sign Up Now For a $100 Gig and a Warm Feeling of Contributing to the Democratic Process

The Arcata Fire District Will Be Asking For Some Money on the March Ballot, and They’d Like to Talk to You About It in a Series of Town Hall Meetings

(VIDEO) ‘Justice for Josiah’ Activists Shut Down Arcata City Council Meeting

Sheriff’s Office Warns County of ‘Critical’ Staffing Shortages; They’re 17 Deputies Down and Eager to Recruit

Arcata City Council to Consider Banning Sale of Disposable Food Containers

Got Ideas About How Humboldt Can Reduce Its Carbon Footprint? City of Eureka, County Government to Hold ‘Climate Action Plan Public Workshop’ Later This Month

EUREKA CITY COUNCIL: The City May Make a Few Zoning Changes, Including to the Site Which Holds Betty’s PG&E Trailers

December 2019

Eureka’s New City Manager is Excited to Tackle Homelessness, Drug Addiction

Two Billboards Recently Fell Over, and the County Will Hold a Public Hearing to Decide if They Can Be Rebuilt

Planning Commission Chair Bob Morris Resigns Following Supervisors’ Wind Farm Decision

Bass Explains Why She Switched Positions on the Wind Project; Wilson Calls the Whole Experience ‘Devastating’

Eureka Mayor Says Farewell to Retiring City Manager By Referencing Second-Tier Coen Brothers Movie

The City of Eureka Invites You a Birthday Party for Our Breathtakingly Beautiful City Hall

Board of Supes Sinks Terra-Gen Wind Farm on 4-1 Vote, Following Days of Hearings

(LIVEBLOG) Terra-Gen’s First Day of Hearings at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors

WIND PROJECT SHOWDOWN: Special Board of Supervisors Meeting Set for All Day Monday at the Adorni Center

Four Challengers for Estelle, One for Rex: Here Are Your Supervisor Candidates for the Shortest Primary Season in Humboldt County History

November 2019

Planning Commissioners Explain Their Flip-Flops as Supes Prepare to Hear the Terra-Gen Wind Project Appeal at the Adorni Center

‘I Know You Can Do Better!’ City of Rio Dell Asks Supes to Hold Terra-Gen Hearing in a Bigger Room

In a Wild Meeting, the Planning Commission First Deadlocks, Then Denies the Humboldt Wind Energy Project

The Planning Commission Could Reach a Decision on the Humboldt Wind Energy Project Tonight

TODAY IN SUPES: A Protest Song, a Likely Hemp Moratorium Extension and the End of Columbus Day

A Whole New Broadway Through the Eureka Waterfront Greenbelt? It’s Still an Option, Say Project Planners

City of Rio Dell Opposes the Humboldt Wind Energy Project, Citing Environmental Concerns and Cultural Impact to Wiyot Tribe

Yurok Tribe Executive Director Suddenly Resigns; In Press Release, Tribe Answers ‘Community Concerns’ About Sexual Harassment Policy

October 2019

County to Release Final EIR For Terra-Gen Wind Energy Project; Public Hearing Scheduled Early Next Month

Sheriff Says the Number of Illegal Pot Farms is Dwindling, But Many Remaining Outlaws Are Back to Hiding Indoors

The City of Eureka is Ready to Transfer Tuluwat to the Wiyot Tribe; Special Council Meeting Called for Next Week

(PHOTOS/AUDIO) The Five Who Would Manage Eureka! Nice-Sized Crowd Meets Eureka City Manager Candidates at the Wharfinger Last Night

ATT’N WEED PEOPLE! The Government Has Grants and Loans Galore Available For You, But You Should Apply Soon!

Meet Larry and Brian, Eureka’s Two New Homeless Outreach Workers

Elected Officials Still Can’t Agree on Whether the Risk of Fraud in County Government is High or, Like, Normal

Eureka Decides to Host Workshop to Hear Public Concerns Over Proposed New Pet Ordinance

Eureka’s Public Works, Community Services Directors Among Six Finalists For City’s Top Job Announced This Morning

Updated Eureka Pet Ordinance Would Limit Residents to Three Cats or Dogs, One Potbelly Pig or Two Mini Goats, Among Other Changes

Auditor-Controller Karen Paz Dominguez Challenges County’s Planned Responses to Civil Grand Jury Report

September 2019

The City of Eureka Has Narrowed Its List of Potential City Manager Hires to Five

(MAPS) Here’s Where the County Might Allow You to Grow Industrial Hemp

Want To Reduce Suicides? Follow The Data — To Medical Offices, Motels And Even Animal Shelters

The Eureka City Council May Be Trying Some New Methods for Selecting Next City Manager

TODAY in SUPES: Bohn Expresses Worry Over Voter Fraud and Cybersecurity; Hoarding Task Force Offers an Update

In-N-Out Traffic Signal, New Bay to Zoo Trail, Waterfront Drive Project On Eureka City Council’s Next Agenda

Board of Supes Approves $1 Million for Homeless Services, Then Discusses Weed Permitting and Raids on Illegal Growers

Once Drowning in Unresolved Reports of Abuse and Neglect, Local Child Welfare Services Department Says It’s Clearing Out Backlogged Cases

Plans for Waterfront RV Park Next to Samoa Bridge Still in the Works; Eureka Planning Commission Will Review the Project Next Week

August 2019

More Eureka Art!? City Council Considering Agreement With Ink People for Ongoing Mural Project Along Waterfront Drive

Yurok Tribe Says it Will Stand For Denial of Commercial Cannabis Permit Near Ceremonial Land at Next Humboldt County Board of Supervisors Meeting

David Hull, General Manager of the Humboldt Community Services District, Has Abruptly Retired

Local Cops Reflect on California’s New Use-Of-Force Laws, Speculate on How They Might Have Applied in Past High-Profile Case

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