The Lost Coast Outpost runs obituaries of Humboldt County residents at no charge. How do you submit an obituary? Email it to, and put “Obituary” in the subject line. For more on LoCO’s obituary guidelines, see here.

Complete list of LoCO-published obituaries below.

OBITUARY: Charles Everett Dewberry Sr., 1924-2018

OBITUARY: Doris May Nolan, 1931-2018

OBITUARY: Ruthanne Cecil, 1945-2018

OBITUARY: Marion Fritz, 1930-2018

OBITUARY: Elizabeth Ann (‘Libby’) Palmquist, 1959-2018

OBITUARY: Wiley (“Dennis”) Brown, 1943-2018

OBITUARY: Keith Neal, 1954-2018

OBITUARY: Elisabeth Regina Wantt, 1929-2018

OBITUARY: Jean-Marie Meeks (Tanner), 1954-2018

OBITUARY: Paul Joseph Nicklas, 1947-2017

OBITUARY: Kay Jeannette (Fylling) Gabriel

OBITUARY: Virginia Marie Springer, 1924-2018

OBITUARY: Della (June) Crockett, 1927-2018

OBITUARY: Jack Gordon Anderson, Jr., 1961-2018

OBITUARY: Timothy Arlen McKnight, 1955-2018

OBITUARY: Ken Fine, 1941-2017

OBITUARY: Arthur ‘Butch’ Gordon Brown, 1946-2018

OBITUARY: Robert Winn Eggink,1978-2018

OBITUARY: Charles Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Crumley, 1952-2018

OBITUARY: Donald Warren Bachman, 1936-2018

OBITUARY: Walter Douglas Thompson, 1939-2018

OBITUARY: Inge Jeanette Hastings, 1936-2018

OBITUARY: Janell Lynn Rene, 1981-2018

OBITUARY: John Francis Burger, 1938-2018

OBITUARY: Robert Melvin Bode, 1951-2018

OBITUARY: Judi Lynn Lugo

OBITUARY: Karen Elaine Ward, 1955-2018

OBITUARY: Beverly A. Allen, 1928-2018

OBITUARY: Calder Vaughn Hutchins, 1997-2017

OBITUARY: Arthur Mattox Chase, 1926-2018

OBITUARY: Violet Wilma ‘Vi’ Painter, 1928-2018

OBITUARY: Walter Russell McLeod, 1921-2018

OBITUARY: Richard Cortez Day, 1927-2018

OBITUARY: Jim Moore, 1951-2017

OBITUARY: Lois Lorraine Carmesin, 1919-2018

OBITUARY: Maria del Carmen Hershey Coss Vallejo, 1953-2018

OBITUARY: Janet Arnot, 1955-2018

OBITUARY: Donald Lawrence Yost, 1945-2018

OBITUARY: Donato Roberto Raffaelli, 1936-2018

OBITUARY: Dwight “Dirty Dave” Davis, 1946-2017

OBITUARY: Kyle James Matyshock, 1990-2017

OBITUARY: Vernon James Weatherford, 1983-2018

OBITUARY: John Andrew Vella, 1959-2018

OBITUARY: Joe Maciel, 1928-2017

OBITUARY: Donna Jean Farfan, 1960-2017

OBITUARY: Elias James Silva, 2000-2017

OBITUARY: Myrtle Eilene Bones, 1938-2017

OBITUARY: Charlotte Corrine (Olson) Horn, 1941-2017

Jesse Crumb, Eureka Resident and Son of Famed Cartoonist Robert Crumb, Dies After New Year’s Eve Car Crash in SoHum

OBITUARY: Marlene Elberta Edeline, 1935-2017