The Lost Coast Outpost runs obituaries of Humboldt County residents at no charge. How do you submit an obituary? Email it to, and put “Obituary” in the subject line. For more on LoCO’s obituary guidelines, see here.

Complete list of LoCO-published obituaries below.

OBITUARY: Ron Millsaps, 1944-2018

OBITUARY: Royal Alsup, 1940-2018

OBITUARY: Jeffrey Frederick Happ, 1956-2018

OBITUARY: Myriah Kendell-Rain Fournell, 1993-2018

OBITUARY: Marion Larene Martinez, 1936-2018

OBITUARY: Tamara (Tammy) Lee Dennison, 1966-2018

OBITUARY: Jean Mortensen Doran, 1920-2018

OBITUARY: Robert Wyatt Frye, 1930-2018

OBITUARY: Bruce Edward Benjamin, 1937-2018

OBITUARY: Bill Coyle, 1941-2018

OBITUARY: Joshua David Kent, 1999-2018

OBITUARY: Ann Benton, 1933-2018

OBITUARY: Del Scriven, 1940-2018

OBITUARY: Darrel Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Elliot, 1944-2018

OBITUARY: Franklin John Rocha, 1935-2018

OBITUARY: Robert ‘Bob’ Thul, 1940-2018

OBITUARY: Jackie Alexander Bieniek, 1992-2018

OBITUARY: Christine E. Matsen, 1934-2018

OBITUARY: Geri van Emmerik, 1960-2018

OBITUARY: Larry Davis, 1944-2018

OBITUARY: Wesley E. Green Sr., 1929-2018

OBITUARY: Anthony Henry Mello, 1927-2018

OBITUARY: Donald Malcolm Brown, 1952-2018

OBITUARY: Anita Janzow, 1922-2018

OBITUARY: David James Ayers, 1947-2018

OBITUARY: Wayde James Morton, 1963-2018

OBITUARY: Dennis Ray Mauney, 1943-2018

OBITUARY: Traci Leann Dodson Simmons, 1968-2018

OBITUARY: Ruth McCabe Farmer, 1915-2018

OBITUARY: Linda Lee Silva, 1959-2018

OBITUARY: James ‘Denis’ Jones, 1953-2018

OBITUARY: Walter John Foster, 1948-2018

OBITUARY: Barbara Jo Schechla, 1968-2018

OBITUARY: William ‘Bill’ Dimmick, 1927-2018

OBITUARY: Stephen ‘Bud’ Weber, 1946-2018

OBITUARY: Robert ‘Bob’ Somerville, 1932-2018

OBITUARY: Jimmy Shumard, 1943-2018

OBITUARY: Brandon J. Brocious

OBITUARY: Merv George, Sr., 1943-2018

OBITUARY: Elias P. Sousa, 1935-2018

OBITUARY: Shirley Irene Gibney, 1935-2018

OBITUARY: Jean A. Chamberlain, 1928-2018

OBITUARY: Barbara J. Butler, 1928-2018

OBITUARY: Mary E. Moore, 1952-2018

OBITUARY: Sharon Kay Nichols, 1943-2018

OBITUARY: Erik Robert Helgoth, 1965-2018

OBITUARY: Cody Derrick Walker, 1985-2018

OBITUARY: Esther Louise Romisch, 1923-2018

OBITUARY: John Wesley Turney, 1970-2018

OBITUARY: Norman William Glidden, 1962-2018