January 2011

Night Walk

Catching the Moon

December 2010

The Meadow Holds Her Breath This Morning

November 2010

An October Sunrise

Lone Maple on a Rainy Morning

October 2010

Quails at Sunrise

Bet You a Buck

October Morning

July 2010

Buck with Velvet Antlers

Peaceful Gatherings

The Bees are Back

June 2010

In the Shade

Wild Lilac

Organic Sun Grown Grass:It's better for Cows, It's better for people

May 2010

Rainy Day

Poisoned Pot

Spanish Moss


SoHumBorn Sunday:Unexpected Conclusion

Five Legged Frog

To My Mother on Her Birthday: How Your Lilies Pulled Me Under

April 2010

Got a Carton of of Kush?

Water Color Rainbow in the Humboldt Hills

Early Morning

Some Humboldt Growers Anger Their Consumers

Grow Pot Across from the Sheriff's Station…

Colors in a Rainy Garden

LA Times Asks "Is Humboldt's Competitive Advantage in Growing Pot, or in Growing Pot Illegally?

March 2010

Grieving the Change

Wild, Wild Humboldt—A Currant Look

Helicopter in SoHum

The Fog of Prohibition

Spring Shaking off Winter

Humboldt Rain and Rainbow


Indian Warrior

February 2010

The Glory of Spring

Show your Support for Humboldt Growers—HuGG One Today

Watery Way

Growing Up Green: Interviews with Children of Pot Growers


Home is Where the Humboldt is

Bear Butte with Rising Sun

Be Still, Let it Touch Us

January 2010

Toking Tourists and a Marijuana Museum Here in Humboldt

Tidal Wave of Publications Aimed at Marijuana Market

Wonderful World

Unsafe Ground?

December 2009

Quilting Square

November 2009

Humboldt more likely to Arrest for Marijuana than the rest of the State?

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