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Tuesday, Dec. 3

San Jose Mercury: $15.6 million to close sale on world’s largest privately owned giant sequoia forest

The Guardian: California gang laws are keeping black and Latino people in prison

The Guardian: Californians are turning to vending machines for safer water. Are they being swindled?

The Guardian: Trump deploys 'surge' of park rangers to patrol Mexican border

The Oregonian: No cops after dark? Cave Junction to use cameras, citizen patrols to police streets at night

US News: California Says Neptune Society Bilked Cremation Customers for $100 million

Press Democrat: Storm dumps up to 11 inches of rain on parts of Sonoma county, more on the way

Monday, Dec. 2

Rolling Stone: Why the Christian Right Worships Donald Trump

You Tube: German documentary tells how poor people survive in the USA

The Verge: The ‘Amazon effect’ is flooding a struggling recycling system with cardboard

Science Alert: Mysterious Tectonic Fault Zone Detected Off The Coast of California

The Hill: Appeals court rejects Trump DOJ request to resume executions

NY Times: Forget the Scarf. These Gifts Change Lives.

L.A. Times: The sea wanted to take this California lighthouse. Now, it’s part of a conflict between a town and two tribes

NY Times: Fire Blight Spreads Northward, Threatening Apple Orchards

Washington Post: Mexican authorities make arrests in killings of American Mormons

Sunday, Dec. 1

Fox News: New Orleans French Quarter shooting leaves 11 wounded, police say

NY Times: City Malaise, Cured by a Cloud Forest?

NY Times: A Change in Medicare Has Therapists Alarmed

NY Times: How Not to Feel Dead Tired This Winter

NY Times: Is China’s Crackdown on Fentanyl Enough to End the U.S. Epidemic?

Washington Post: Doctors are torturing dementia patients at the end of their life. And it’s totally unnecessary.

Washington Post: Turkish dam is about to flood one of the oldest continuously settled places on Earth

Daily Beast: How an Unsolved Murder Got Legal Weed Lobbyist Eapen Thampy Indicted on Drug Charges

Seattle Times: Sewer blockage pushes waste into 300 New York City homes

San Jose Mercury: Monterey could add hundreds of new housing units

Press Democrat: North Coast fishermen keep tradition alive, despite daunting new regulations

Denver Post: At least 14 dead in Mexico gun battle near Texas border

The Guardian: Nicotine sickness: the latest vaping scare

The Guardian: Millions could lose access to food stamps under Trump proposal, study finds

SF Chronicle: Mercury in the fog is poisoning Santa Cruz mountain lions, study finds

SF Chronicle: Why does SFO suffer more rain delays than other airports?

Saturday, Nov. 30

New Food Economy: California’s Chinook salmon are in danger. Rice fields just might be their salvation

New Food Economy: Across the country, farmers say banks are dropping them for growing hemp

NPR: Budding Hemp Farmers Struggle To Find Success In The 'Green Rush'

BBC: How salmon can transform a landscape

Vox: Giving thanks may make your brain more altruistic

Washington Post: Weather is turning into big business. And that could be trouble for the public.

Washington Post: As it nears a record $10 trillion, corporate debt poses new risks to U.S. economy

Washington Post: Trump’s talk of cease-fire appears to surprise Taliban, Afghan government

NY Times: It’s Not Just Poor White People Driving a Decline in Life Expectancy

NY Times: For Millennials Making Their Way, a Detour: To Caregiving of Boomer Parents

NPR: A Single Dose Of Ketamine Might Help Heavy Drinkers, Study Finds

The Guardian: 'There are no words': Samoa buries its children as measles outbreak worsens

The Guardian: Brother of convicted terrorist faces deportation despite US citizenship

The Guardian: Whistleblower in New Orleans hotel collapse is deported to Honduras

Sacramento Bee: Power shutoffs kept downed trees and limbs from creating fire risk 190 times, PG&E says

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Two men sentenced for shipping over 800 pounds of marijuana from California through U.S. Postal Service

San Jose Mercury: California pot industry calls for help from state leaders

LA Times: Those free, innocent-looking USB charging ports could rob you blind

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