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High Times News: Legal Battle Ensues Over Jimi Hendrix Usage Rights

The Cannabist: Why sling pizza when you can sling weed? Denver restaurants face labor competition

Emerald Report: Santa Rosa shelves temporary ban on outdoor marijuana growing

High Times News: California Still Can’t Figure Out Its Cannabis Banking Problem

Marijuana Business Daily: U.S. judge OKs medical cannabis donations to Illinois political causes

High Times News: Court Upholds Warrantless Search Based on Torn Plastic Bag and a Reclined Seat

Leafly: The Rise of Craft Cannabis: Signs of a Maturing Industry

High Times News: Florida’s House Moves Forward with Increasingly Restrictive MMJ Bill

High Times News: Pot & Vets: America’s Shame

The Cannabist: Support for marijuana legalization surging, unless you are over 65 or Republican

The Cannifornian: Marijuana-shop worker claims police falsely imprisoned her

Leafly: Queensland Takes Lead as Australian Cannabis Stocks Soar

The Cannabist: Since 2007, the DEA has taken $3.2 billion in cash from people without charging them with a crime

Leafly: The Best Discreet Vape Pens and Portable Vaporizers

Leafly: Richard Baum to be Trump’s Acting Drug Czar

420 Intel: Dutch Master Nutrients

420 Intel: Legal Protection Pros, LLC

The Cannabist: Louisiana police say weed found on 10-year-old in traffic stop

Marijuana Business Daily: Canadian medical marijuana producer to open online store

Leafly: Chronic Pain is Now a Qualifying Condition in New York State. Here’s What That Means for Patients

The Cannifornian: Infographic: California not as marijuana-obsessed as you might think

High Times News: Conservative Christian Mothers Are Fed Up with Jeff Sessions and the GOP on MMJ Issues

The Cannabist: Florida committee decides Amendment 2 doesn't include smoking, vaping, edibles

The Cannabist: Vermont House delays vote on marijuana possession/grow bill

The Cannifornian: California’s ‘Salad Bowl of the World’ looks to marijuana as new cash crop

The Cannabist: Medical marijuana shops come to southwest Michigan

Emerald Report: Local dispensaries start pulling products off shelves

Marijuana Business Daily: Utah gov signs bill allowing research into medical cannabis

Marijuana Business Daily: DC’s medical marijuana program progressing, though more change in store

Tuesday, March 28

Marijuana Business Daily: Las Vegas cannabis lounge options are taking shape

High Times News: University Drops Out of Pot for PTSD Study; Vets Demand Answers

Leafly: Product Review: The Nuggy Multi-Tool

Leafly: Dustup Over NIDA-Grown Ditch Weed Leads Johns Hopkins to Ditch PTSD Study

The Cannabist: Georgia lawmakers expand list of medical cannabis conditions, but still haven't legalized cultivation

The Cannifornian: Cannabis business briefs: Marijuana chewing gum, a new line from the Game, companies merge

High Times News: Police: Most of the Marijuana in the UK Is Grown with Slave Labor

The Cannabist: You know the weed industry is mainstreaming when there's "Salesforce of Cannabis" software

High Times News: Sir Richard Branson Tells Farmers to Ditch Cows and Grow Cannabis

The Cannabist: Food & Weed: Extracts pro Nikolai Alfieri credits cannabis with boosting well-being

High Times News: Bizarre Ban on Political Contributions from Pot Companies Struck Down

Leafly: Chatting with Chef Dave Hadley: Chopped Winner and Cannabis Connoisseur

Leafly: Best Jazz Music Albums to Listen to While High

Leafly: How No Till Cannabis Farming Methods Can Improve Your Crop

The Cannabist: Senator demands docs from big pharma as she probes their role in opioid epidemic

The Cannabist: A different kind of sea-weed: Man finds marijuana bale on Florida beach

The Cannifornian: The Cannifornian launches weekly newsletter

Marijuana Business Daily: Canadian producer invests $3M in Arizona medical marijuana grower

Leafly: When ICE Wants to Deport, a Cannabis Misdemeanor Becomes a Felony

The Cannabist: Can nutrients make cannabis taste bad? Learn more about fertilizers and flushing

The Cannifornian: Ask A Farmer: Trinity County cultivator talks home grow tips, daily routines, tourism in the Emerald Triangle

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