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Leafly: Warrior Ethos: Colorado’s Battle to Allow Cannabis for PTSD

Leafly: Melissa Etheridge: ‘Anybody Who Smokes Cannabis Is Using it Medicinally’

Leafly: Say What? Why ‘Cannabis’ Is Rising and ‘Marijuana’ Is Fading

High Times News: France to Drop Prison Terms for Pot Use

The Cannifornian: Winery or ‘weedery’: Vineyards rip up grapes, switch to marijuana

The Cannifornian: IRS trawling state-run pot database to block marijuana companies from claiming tax deductions

Marijuana Business Daily: Marijuana Business Daily to resume publishing Tuesday


The Cannifornian: Recipe: Cannabis sweet potato fries with hemp seeds and kelp flakes

Leafly: The Ultimate Stoned Staycation: Take a Virtual Cannabis-Fueled Train Ride

The Cannifornian: How one California county closed all its medical marijuana dispensaries

Leafly: Watch This: John Oliver Breaks Down the Problem With Federal vs. State Cannabis Laws

The Cannifornian: Special report: Cannabis edibles

The Cannifornian: Kiva Confections lifts curtain on how it makes marijuana edibles

The Cannifornian: Edibles are gobbling up California’s marijuana market

The Cannifornian: Regulating edibles presents challenge for lawmakers, industry

The Cannifornian: How to safely try edibles: A guide for beginners

The Cannifornian: Special offer: Learn to make edibles with Chef Cheri Sicard

The Cannifornian: How to clean your bud to make quality edibles

Emerald Report: WSU Looking For Volunteers to Get High For a Weed Breathalyzer Study

Saturday, May 27

The Cannifornian: Vermont cannabis-legalization bill vetoed, but backers hope for new compromise

The Cannifornian: Following the example of voters, legislatures are trying to legalize marijuana — with mixed results

Leafly: 50 Years Ago Today: What Was the Summer of Love Like, Grandpa?

Leafly: 5 Excellent Funk Albums to Listen to While High

The Cannifornian: Marijuana extract helps some kids with epilepsy, study says

Friday, May 26

The Cannabist: S03E06: He's the event planner behind Denver 420 Rally; She writes about industry-leading women

The Cannabist: Cannabist Show: He's the event planner behind Denver 420 Rally; She writes about industry-leading women

Leafly: New Strains Alert: Bubba Fresh, Double Mint, Tesla Tower, and More

Marijuana Business Daily: Michigan gov appoints medical marijuana regulatory board

The Cannabist: Smoker Supply Kit: Pack these essentials for pot-friendly picnics and baked barbecues

Leafly: Agenda Glitch Could Delay Nevada’s July 1 Cannabis Start

The Cannabist: Op-ed from Colo. Springs: "Goodbye and good riddance to the annual 4/20 pot party in downtown Denver"

The Cannifornian: Not-so-high anxiety: States move fast to protect pot industry

Leafly: 6 of the Best Cannabis Bath Products on the Market

Leafly: From Cocaine to Tranqs to Cannabis: Stevie Nicks’ Journey to the Dark Side and Back

Leafly: DEA Chief Repeats Claim That ‘Marijuana Is Not Medicine’

The Cannabist: "He lied to me": Trump's budget lets down families hit by drug addiction crisis

The Cannifornian: Emerald Triangle cultivators respond to state draft regs

Leafly: Trash Talk: 4/20 Organizers Forced to Step Up Their Garbage Game

High Times News: Homing Pigeon Flies Ecstasy into Kuwait

The Cannifornian: Pot podcast: Exploring challenges with cannabis court cases in California

High Times News: Jeff Sessions’ Phony Marijuana War

Marijuana Business Daily: Study finds women behind surge in CBD use in Illinois

The Cannabist: Woman who lost house to forfeiture in son's weed charge may see it returned

The Cannabist: Maryland faces yet another delay in medical marijuana licensing with judge's order

The Cannifornian: Which drug is considered ‘safer’ than marijuana?

The Cannabist: These 6 groups help vets get access to medical marijuana

Marijuana Business Daily: Consultant found not guilty after aiding tribe in cannabis cultivation

Marijuana Business Daily: Week in Review: WV process begins, Oregon medical cannabis expansion & possible Florida license increase

Thursday, May 25

Marijuana Business Daily: Maryland judge halts medical cannabis cultivation licensing

Leafly: Microdosing With Cannabis: Benefits Without the Buzz

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