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High Times News: Will California’s Legal Marijuana Cost More Than Black-Market Weed?


Leafly: Ontario Hypes Penalties for High Driving While Awaiting a Reliable Test

Emerald Report: Sonoma Medicine Man: Wine pioneer looks to cannabis, farming for healing

Cannabis Culture: Ontario college to offer 1st post-secondary certificate in marijuana production

Cannabis Culture: Wynne’s Cannabis Retail Plan a Buzzkill

High Times News: Court Rules Field Sobriety Tests Unreliable for Marijuana Detection

Cannabis Culture: Dr. Oz Says Medical Marijuana Could Help Solve Opioid Addiction

High Times News: How Zoning Laws Could Subvert Marijuana Legalization

The Cannabist: What West Virginia's medical cannabis program looks like so far

Marijuana Business Daily: Aurora starts ‘regular’ shipments of medical marijuana to Germany

Cannabis Culture: Terpenes are Next Frontier of Curated Cannabis Experience, Experts say

Leafly: TechCrunch Asks Cannabis Breathalyzer CEO ‘Why Are You Such a Narc?’

The Cannifornian: Court: Roadside drunken driving tests not valid for pot

Cannabis Culture: City Called Upon to OK Cannabis Lounges

Cannabis Culture: South City Keeps Eyeing Commercial Pot Options

Leafly: Massachusetts Court: Roadside Drunk Driving Tests Not Valid for Cannabis

Cannabis Culture: Five Amazing Ways Cannabis Prevents Illness

Green Rush Daily: 10 Best Weed Strains for Paranoia

High Times News: Cops Bust Man Named ‘Weed’ with 20 Pounds of Cannabis

Leafly: Oregon Update: Cannabis Audit Coming—and Jeff Sessions, too

The Cannabist: Court hears appeal by Denver 4/20 organizer regarding 3-year ban

Marijuana Business Daily: Study: Doctors-in-training not prepared to recommend MMJ

Leafly: Male vs. Female Cannabis: How to Determine the Sex of Your Plant

Marijuana Business Daily: West Virginia seeks $2 million to start medical cannabis program

High Times News: Sri Lanka Says It Can Grow Better Weed Than the U.S.

The Cannifornian: Hmong pot growers in Siskiyou County seeking identity, profit — or both

The Cannabist: Man arrested in dispensary kidnapping confesses on television

Leafly: Smoke This, Play That Vol. 4: Buddy & Kaytranada, Passion Pit, Oliver, and More

High Times News: LA Dispensary Shooting May Be Part of Recent Crime Wave

Marijuana Business Daily: Oregon’s marijuana regulatory agency faces state audit

The Cannabist: Dallas County commissioners split over cite-and-release plan for weed possession

Emerald Report: The kids are okay: study finds that teens aren’t that interested in weed right now

High Times News: Indiana’s CBD Mess: Crackdown One Day, Apology the Next

The Cannabist: Sarasota, Florida plotting workaround to comply with state MMJ laws

The Cannifornian: Los Angeles officials hammering out rules over cannabis shop locations

High Times News: New Attempts to Outlaw Home Grows Are Stupid and Counterproductive

The Cannabist: Fearing feds, pharmacy school cancels classes on growing medical marijuana

The Cannabist: Hundreds wait in three hour line to apply to be an Arkansas medical marijuana biz

The Cannifornian: Editorial: Will Congress heed voters’ overwhelming support for medical marijuana?

The Cannabist: 100 Massachusetts towns have voted for weed bans, moratoriums or zoning restrictions

Marijuana Business Daily: Arkansas receives 300 applications for medical cannabis licenses

Marijuana Business Daily: Measures that could grow Detroit’s medical marijuana industry go to voters

Marijuana Business Daily: Canadian marijuana firms raised $165.9M via debt instruments this year – and that’s just the start

High Times News: Norway’s Crime Czar Busted for Hashish Smuggling

Monday, Sept. 18

Cannabis Culture: A Cannabis Marketing Company is Bringing Pot Parties to the Elderly

Leafly: High Number of Applicants for Arkansas Medical Marijuana

Leafly: Community Reeling After Washington Budtender Found Deceased

Emerald Report: Indiana proves it’s not into commitment: they said yes to CBD, then confiscated it

Leafly: New Brunswick Announces $90 Million Cannabis Buy

Marijuana Business Daily: Maryland university cancels medical marijuana courses

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