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CHIV'D: EPD investigating 4th of July assault

CHIV'D: Deputy DA Schaffer, Rio Dell Police Chief and Sgt honored for work in Rio Dell homicide

CHIV'D: “We are excited to partner with Sundt on this historic and unique housing project for Cal Poly Humboldt."

CHIV'D: Convicted felon arrested for meth and firearm charges

CHIV'D: Judge Wilson granted Pitzer supervised release; he also issued the bench warrant for failure to appear in court

CHIV'D: The State's attorney can make time but the lawyer representing Humboldt can't bother to show up for court?

CHIV'D: Convicted felon adds to her criminal history

Tuesday, July 5

CHIV'D: Cal Poly Humboldt to use 16 acres of land at 2000 Foster Avenue for polytechnic efforts

CHIV'D: HCSO busy weekend included the arrest of frequently arrested Sara Hoyos

CHIV'D: Bear Kelley arrested for assault has a prior arrest history and a 2019 conviction for assault

Monday, July 4

CHIV'D: Evidence of a collision and same car on two different parts of I street?

Sunday, July 3

CHIV'D: Staffing issues ince again at 5th Street Starbucks

CHIV'D: Rachel Bowler arrested for DUI

CHIV'D: Felon Cody Christiansen arrested for attempted murder, criminal threats, domestic violence and several other charges

Saturday, July 2

CHIV'D: Phil wants to retire, do you want to take over this business?

CHIV'D: Short staffing means Siam Orchid only offering to go until July 22

CHIV'D: "You need a minimum annual salary of $149,310 to be happy in California"

CHIV'D: Repeat criminal arrested twice this year for criminal threats in less than three months

Friday, July 1

CHIV'D: Arroyo, Madrone, Eads, Steward and Dillingham maintain leads in latest report

CHIV'D: Two colleagues wishing each other well

CHIV'D: Nancy Olson is Eureka Chamber's new CEO

CHIV'D: Humboldt finally announces their pilot program based on Laura's Law

CHIV'D: Another EPD arrest for being drunk and resisting an executive officer

CHIV'D: Floyd Squires booked for DUI and resisting arrest

Thursday, June 30

CHIV'D: Another lucky break for meth user and repeat offender Trampus Danhauer

CHIV'D: Shawn Gallagher Jr arrested for posession of firearm

CHIV'D: County releases separation agreement and details about KPD's departure

CHIV'D: Karen Paz Dominguez's signed her agreement, her resignation is effective tomorrow

CHIV'D: Based on the location, the 1900 block fire was probably at or near the former Sizzler

CHIV'D: Former CWS and current Humboldt Court employee arrested for invasion of privacy

Wednesday, June 29

CHIV'D: A loss to Humboldt with April Van Dyke moving and leaving Conflict Counsel

CHIV'D: DA files motion to continue murder suspect Pamela Millsap's trial

CHIV'D: Kathleen Marcotulli booked for criminal threats and resisting arrest

Tuesday, June 28

CHIV'D: County wanting KPD gone is no surprise, why the silence on LOCO's new chums Rex and Glenn Franco Simmons?

CHIV'D: Humboldt in a nutshell is the best comment regarding John Ford's resignation, coming back and getting a raise

CHIV'D: Were shots fired on Jackson Ranch Road and who responded?

CHIV'D: Lucas Adams arrested by EPD for domestic violence

CHIV'D: Meghan Bliss arrested by CHP for DUI and child endangerment

Monday, June 27

CHIV'D: HCSO Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team in Cutten

CHIV'D: 24 days after I already reported this, the County issues a press release

CHIV'D: Kalin's lawyer wants to "shed further light on the corruption" that is shielding Elvine-Kreis from culpability

CHIV'D: Two minor victims, one alleges when she tried to remove defendant's hand under her shirt, he"held on"

CHIV'D: "We hadn't received an offer in two years, not even a bad one, until today, when Trent offered me a felony and Sarah a dismissal.  So, even though am the least culpable person, they expect me to bend over and take a felony for everyone else."

CHIV'D: Trial dates confirmed or last minute continuance and delay for Acosta case?

CHIV'D: Domestic violence and child endangerment suspect arrested for probation and Fish and Game violation

Saturday, June 25

CHIV'D: EPD will post updates on Henderson incident

CHIV'D: Julian BrownSundberg arrested for criminal threats and child endangerment

CHIV'D: EPD arrests two for criminal conspiracy, receiving stolen property and other charges

CHIV'D: Leslie Castellano to be appointed to Workforce Board and BOS wastes more money on litigation against DHHS

CHIV'D: Kyle Zoellner's mother arrested by the HCDTF

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