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KMUD: Shelter Cove Resort Improvement District Hires New General Manager

KMUD: Pedestrian Hit by Semi-Truck Deemed Suspicious by HCSO

KMUD: North Coast 'Dudleya Farinosa' Poaching, Plants Sold in China and Korea

KMUD: Controversial cannabis project, rezone withdrawn

Wednesday, April 18

KMUD: Mateel Community Center Board of Directors Holds Regular Board Meeting

KMUD: Congressman Huffman Discusses Syria Attacks

Tuesday, April 17

KMUD: SHUSD Board of Directors Receives Donations for Casterlin School

KMUD: Shelter Cove Held A Community Meeting With Estelle Fennel About Deteriorating Road Conditions

KMUD: Satellite cameras will eye Humboldt cannabis grows

Monday, April 16

KMUD: Humboldt County Celebrates Green Week, Leading Up to Earth Day

KMUD: County pursues emergency services billing

Thursday, April 12

KMUD: Plans for First Downtown Garberville Dispensary Forestalled by Planning Department Requests

KMUD: Mendo cannabis code revisions: FL/TPZ cultivators, sunset zone deadlines, personal use registration

KMUD: Commercial salmon fishing restricted again

KMUD: MCSO and CHP Connect Missing SoCal Family with Submerged Vehicle in Eel River

KMUD: GSD Above Ground Contact Chamber Moves Forward

Wednesday, April 11

KMUD: KMUD Responds to Decreasing Financial Support

KMUD: Congressman Huffman Discusses Muller Investigation, Zuckerberg Hearing and More

KMUD: Ft. Bragg Council talks trash rates, housing construction, hospital taxes, and wastewater

KMUD: Decision-making on Humboldt cannabis ordinance begins

Tuesday, April 10

KMUD: Earth First Action Camp In Mendocino

KMUD: CDFW water diversion agreement ignites controversy at Ft. Bragg Council meeting

Monday, April 9

KMUD: Family Offers Reward For Information On The Death Of Eugene Minikel

KMUD: Attorney General's Office Suspends Mateel Community Center for Failure to Complete Audit

KMUD: Cannabis Cultivation Practices: Organic Cultivation, Pesticide Remnants, and OIM/OMIR Certification

Sunday, April 8

KMUD: Eagle Prairie Bridge closure, commercial cannabis ordinance and more

Friday, April 6

KMUD: Weather Outlook for April 6th and 7th

KMUD: Meet the Candidates: Mary Ann Lyons

KMUD: Supes back anti-crime initiative

Thursday, April 5

KMUD: Eureka Town Hall Addresses Local Opioid Crisis: Part 3

KMUD: HCSO Searches for Zachary Harrison in Rancho Sequoia

KMUD: 4th District Supervisor Candidate Dani Burkhart talks Election

KMUD: Mendocino County Sheriff Interviewed on HLN Program, Updates on Hart Family

KMUD: Tourism bureau urged to promote cannabis

Wednesday, April 4

KMUD: Honeydew Locals Assist HCSO in Homicide Suspect Capture

KMUD: Humboldt Sinclair Stations Broadcast Promo from Viral Video

KMUD: Winship Middle School On Modified Lock Down After Threat

KMUD: Supervisor Bass Talks Re-election

KMUD: Richardson Grove project debated at supes

Tuesday, April 3

KMUD: Steve Madrone 5th District Supervisor Candidate Talks Elections

KMUD: Eureka Town Hall Addresses Local Opioid Crisis: Part 2

KMUD: Meet the Healy Senior Center's New Executive Director

Monday, April 2

KMUD: Eureka Town Hall Addresses Local Opioid Crisis: Part 1

KMUD: Meet The Candidates : Ryan Sundberg

KMUD: Two Rescued from South Fork Eel River After Boating Accident, Saturday

Friday, March 30

KMUD: Mendo Supes discuss concerns about mom-and-pop cannabis growers, cultivation near tribal lands

KMUD: Local Campground Re-Opening for Season

KMUD: Dirty Business Soil Encourages Legalization Education

KMUD: Local Cannabis Lawyer Gives Update On Cannabis Civil Suit.

Thursday, March 29

KMUD: Humboldt Redwood Company files extension for proposed road in Rainbow Ridge

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