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Friday, May 22

KMUD: KMUD Local News for May 22, 2020

KMUD: 30th Anniversary Judi Bari Day Celebrations Limited By Shelter-in-Place Orders

KMUD: Briceland Vineyards Annual Memorial Day Tasting Happening with Safety Protocols

KMUD: Outdoor Experiences Require Safety Protocols this Memorial Day Weekend

KMUD: Curbside Delivery Deep Pit BBQ at Redway Fire Station Saturday, May 23

KMUD: Twelve New COVID-19 Cases Reported in Emerald Triangle May 22, 2020

KMUD: Redwoods Rural Offers Covid-19 Testing for Front Line Workers

Thursday, May 21

KMUD: Road Projects and Public Safety Updates Planned in Southern Humboldt

KMUD: Southern Humboldt Graduating Seniors Celebrated Through Donated Portraits

KMUD: Homicide on Campton Rd. in Eureka Under Investigation

KMUD: Humboldt County Residents Warned of Possible COVID-19 Exposure in McKinleyville

KMUD: KMUD Local News 05 21 20

KMUD: Eureka City Manager Resigns

KMUD: Legal Issues Complicate Garberville Cannabis Manufacturing

Wednesday, May 20

KMUD: Casino Workers Concerned About Re-Opening

KMUD: Trinidad Water Controversy to be Discussed at Special City Council Meeting

KMUD: Local News 05 20 20

KMUD: Mendocino Co's Board Of Supervisors Retains Doohan, Increases Testing, Confirms Case #15, and More

KMUD: More Sick, More Dead Will be ‘The Cost of COVID’

Tuesday, May 19

KMUD: Local, National, & Global COVID-19 Numbers Update

KMUD: More Allowable Services Despite 2nd COVID Fatality

KMUD: New Wireless Tower Near Willits Considered by Mendocino Planners

KMUD: Local Eviction Ordinance Clarified

KMUD: Local News 05 19 20

Monday, May 18

KMUD: First COVID Casualty in Humboldt

KMUD: Marijuana Enforcement Team Visits Salmon Creek

KMUD: Over 100 Gallons of Oil and Waste Dumped Just Upcreek from Eel River

KMUD: Marijuanna Enforcement Team Vists Salmon Creek

KMUD: Earthquakes Rattle North Coast

KMUD: Semi Turnover Accidents on Tight Turns in Eureka and Rural SoHum

KMUD: Local News 05 18 20

Sunday, May 17

KMUD: Ukiah Business Owners Protest Shelter In Place Restrictions At Mendocino County Courthouse

KMUD: Mendocino County Achieves Testing Capacity Allowing Easing of SIP Restrictions and More

Friday, May 15

KMUD: KMUD Local News May 15, 2020

KMUD: Four New Positive Tests of COVID-19 Reported in Humboldt May 15, 2020

KMUD: COVID-19 Antibody Testing Becoming More Available in Humboldt

KMUD: Humboldt Crabs Baseball 2020 Season Cancelled

KMUD: Some, But Not All, Southern Humboldt Businesses Phase Back In

KMUD: SHUSD Contracts Superintendent plus Assistant, Despite Budget Deficit

Thursday, May 14

KMUD: Redwoods Rural Visits Whitethorn on Wednesdays

KMUD: CalCannabis Offers COVID19 Relief for Licensed Cultivators

KMUD: Walk-in Retail/ Now Allowed in Humboldt

KMUD: Local News 05 14 20

KMUD: Broader Reopening in Doubt as Humboldt's Case Count Rises

Wednesday, May 13

KMUD: 'Two-Basin Solution' Takes Next Step Towards Securing The Potter Valley Project,

KMUD: Mendocino CalFire Unit -Four Fires in One Day

KMUD: 5 Pounds of Suspected Heroin Seized in Miranda

KMUD: Local News 05 13 20

KMUD: Redwood Coast Energy Authority Agrees to Receive Renewable Power from Kern County

KMUD: In Mendocino Co., Nurse Tests Positive, Covelo Outbreak Goes Underground, & Testing Capacity Secured

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