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KMUD: Humboldt Bay Trail North, Complete!

KMUD: Humboldt County Talks Opioids (PART 2)

KMUD: Mendo Supes appoint committee to look at emergency access in Brooktrails, other areas


KMUD: Humboldt County Talks Opioids

KMUD: Mendo fire recovery: 2/1/18 debris removal deadline, school and campground considered as housing

KMUD: Road work tops Humboldt Measure Z spending

Wednesday, Nov. 15

KMUD: Eureka Protestors Rally in Support of SB 562 Single Payer Healthcare

KMUD: Humboldt DA Outlines Draft Policy for Release of Police Video Footage

KMUD: Mendo Supes lower barriers for expansion of cannabis cultivation in rangeland zoning district

KMUD: Humboldt approves interim MJ permitting

Monday, Nov. 13

KMUD: Southern Humboldt Assesses Community Fire Risks

Sunday, Nov. 12

KMUD: Rio Dell Measure X Cannabis Tax and Personal Cultivation Ordinance Update

Friday, Nov. 10

KMUD: United States Makes Presence at COP 23

KMUD: Ft. Bragg Planning Commission recommends rule change to streamline rezoning of GP mill site

KMUD: County responds to impaired watersheds concerns

Thursday, Nov. 9

KMUD: Humboldt Locals Attend COP 23

KMUD: California Grower's Association Talks State Licensure with Humboldt County Growers Part 2

KMUD: California Grower's Association Talks State Licensure with Humboldt County Growers (FULL AUDIO)

KMUD: Mendo Supervisors hear updates on fire debris stabilization and removal

KMUD: Humboldt's accounting staff flags 'urgent need'

Wednesday, Nov. 8

KMUD: Humboldt County: 2017 Election results

KMUD: California Grower's Association Talks State Licensure with Humboldt County Growers Part 1

KMUD: Mendo Supes approve $60 cannabis business license fee, reduced from $100 fee recommended by staff

Tuesday, Nov. 7

KMUD: Winter brings renewed demand for shelter crisis declaration

Monday, Nov. 6

KMUD: Top planner: County, state 'out of sync' on MJ

Friday, Nov. 3

KMUD: Historic marine data collection wraps up

Thursday, Nov. 2

KMUD: CDFW Integrates Lands Pass Program at Various Wildland Properties

KMUD: Fire recovery efforts could slow development of Mendocino County cannabis policy

Wednesday, Nov. 1

KMUD: Humboldt Planning Department Issues Notices of Violation to Illegal Cannabis Growers

KMUD: Mendo Supes pass urgency ordinances for fire victims on price gouging, residing in trailers

Tuesday, Oct. 31

KMUD: Garberville Kids Kick Off Halloween with a Scream!

KMUD: California Gas Tax to Increase Wednesday

KMUD: EPIC Celebrates 40 Years

KMUD: Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District Discusses CR Property, CT Scanner

KMUD: Local Plumber Loses Home in Fire, Community Steps Up to Help

Monday, Oct. 30

KMUD: Dungeness season delay feared

Friday, Oct. 27

KMUD: Humboldt County Elections Office Prepares for November Elections

KMUD: Humboldt's general plan sees final debate

Thursday, Oct. 26

KMUD: Garberville Library Branch Manager Retires

KMUD: Mendo Supes discuss fire recovery, cannabis tax relief, and more

KMUD: Humboldt amends wastewater codes

Wednesday, Oct. 25

KMUD: Chinook Start Fall Run Upstream

KMUD: Fort Bragg vs. the Koch Brothers: Committee sends mill site resolution to Council

KMUD: Humboldt launches penalty-free permitting

Tuesday, Oct. 24

KMUD: 211 Humboldt Prepares Residents with Emergency Resources

KMUD: Ft. Bragg Council talks Measure B, city attorneys and managers, and CDBG projects

KMUD: Humboldt streamlines MJ compliance

Monday, Oct. 23

KMUD: Humboldt County Fire Safe Council Seeks Public Input

KMUD: ‘Significant concerns’ over interim MJ permitting

Friday, Oct. 20

KMUD: Humboldt County Officials Discuss Changes to Cannabis Ordinance in Garberville Workshop

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