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RHBB: Employee and Customer Safety at Center of County Reopening Plans

RHBB: [UPDATE 11:55 a.m.] One Vehicle Struck Another on Hwy 101 and Now They Are on Trinidad’s Southbound Onramp

RHBB: Red Salmon Complex Grows to 4,284 Acres With 5% Containment

RHBB: PG&E Flying Aerial Patrols Friday Over Willow Creek, Burnt Ranch, Hawkins Bar, Salyer

RHBB: Dr Frankovich Says Youth Sports Have New Rules, Hoopa COVID Cases Add to County Data, And Schools Need To Adapt

RHBB: Hoopa Valley Sees 23 New Cases This Week


RHBB: Ten New Cases of COVID-19 Reported Today, August 5

RHBB: A Yearling Black Bear’s Desire for People Food Could Lead to a Bad End Near Gasquet, Says Forest Service as They Close Sand Camp

RHBB: Two Die After Recovered From Submerged Vehicle

RHBB: Burn Suspension Still in Effect (Please No Fires!)

RHBB: Letter to Parents About Humboldt County Schools From Public Health Officer

RHBB: Rescue Swimmers Pull Two Victims From Submerged Vehicle in Humboldt Bay

RHBB: Red Salmon Complex Nearly 4,000 Acres, Still 0% Containment

RHBB: Southern Humboldt Man Missing Over Two Weeks

RHBB: Arcata Beginning Street Resurfacing Project on August 11th

Tuesday, Aug. 4

RHBB: Six Rivers, Humboldt County to work together for forest health and hazardous fuels reduction

RHBB: Nueve Nuevos Casos Hoy, 4 De Agosto

RHBB: Vegetation Fire Near Carlotta

RHBB: Red Salmon Complex Still 0% Contained

RHBB: Nine New Cases Today, August 4

RHBB: EPD Releases Video to Explain Officer Involved Shooting on July 23

RHBB: Red Salmon Complex Now Over 3,300 Acres With 0% Containment

RHBB: Tsurai Ancestral Society ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About the Upcoming Removal of Cell Tower Structures on Tsurewa

RHBB: Ninth Circuit Finds Mendocino NF Use of NEPA End-Around Illegal, Says EPIC

RHBB: An Employee of Mendocino County’s Beloved Skunk Train Tests Positive for COVID-19

RHBB: Pickup Found in the Middle of One Acre Fire This Morning

RHBB: Disease Outbreak Strikes California Deer Herds

Monday, Aug. 3

RHBB: Three Reported Injured After Vehicle Crashes off Hwy 299 West of Willow Creek

RHBB: SoHum Health Has Two Test Positive for COVID-19

RHBB: Three New Cases Reported Since Friday

RHBB: Kneeland School Will Reopening With ‘Full, On Site Instruction’

RHBB: Kneeland Road Blocked After Logging Truck Crash

RHBB: Red Salmon Complex Now at 2,643 Acres With 0% Containment

RHBB: New hours start this week for Humboldt County Treasure-Tax Collector’s office

RHBB: Additional Hospitalizations of Sherwood Oaks Residents, Local State Data Comparison, Revised Health Order to be Issued

RHBB: Nissen Wins Wild Legends Main, Powers Comes Through In Bomber Feature

RHBB: Humboldt County’s Mental Health Services Act Annual Update, Three-Year Plan Open for Public Comment

Sunday, Aug. 2

RHBB: Eureka Mayor Susan Seaman Gives Weekly Address

RHBB: Structure Fire in the Salmon Creek Area

RHBB: Dr. Frankovich Talks Kids And Covid, Locals Spreading Covid More Than Tourists, And HSU Making Plans To Open

Saturday, Aug. 1

RHBB: [UPDATE 2:18 p.m.] Flames Spreading From Pickup on Fire to the Wildland

Friday, July 31

RHBB: One Injured in Crash off Thomas Road West of Miranda

RHBB: Humboldt Adds 100 Positive COVID Cases in July After Two New Confirmed on July 31

RHBB: Protecting Against the Pandemic at the Humboldt County Jail

RHBB: The Red Salmon Complex, Burning in Humboldt, Trinity, and Siskiyou Counties, is Now Over 1000 Acres With 0% Containment

RHBB: Lab Manager Jeremy Corrigan Talks Testing Increase With The New Kingfisher Machine

RHBB: California Fisheries Relief Funding Soon to be Available for Select Sectors Affected by COVID-19

RHBB: New Hours for Humboldt County Treasure-Tax Collector’s Office

Thursday, July 30

RHBB: [UPDATE 11:48 p.m.] Fire Near Redcrest Burning Uphill from the Avenue of the Giants Towards Hwy 101

RHBB: [UPDATE 10:48 p.m.] 18-Wheeler Trailer on Fire Close to Buildings and Other Trailers in Eureka

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