Humboldt: Going Down!

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Going Down @ 9:39 a.m.

All day yesterday during BOEM’s offshore wind auction, the big action was focused on the three leases up for sale in the Morro Bay area.

But for whatever reason, this morning it’s Humboldt getting all the love. The bid for the larger of the two Humboldt lease areas now stands at $148.8 million, and the bid for the smaller is at $132.7 million, while the hottest Morro Bay lease is currently going for $105.5.

Why this shift, and will it hold? Unknown — presumably there is all sorts of gamesmanship and strategy that goes into these things. As depicted in the chart above, the Morro Bay lease areas all have the capacity to produce more power, and it seems like they would have better connections to the grid, besides. Has Humboldt’s port infrastructure captured capital’s eye?

Follow along with the BOEM auction at this link. It’s updated every 20 minutes. Once again — we don’t know who has submitted these bids, and won’t know until the auction is all over.

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