Humboldt: Going Down!

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Going Down @ 12:38 p.m.


Have you been to Annie’s Cambodian Cuisine poppin’ new location in Eureka’s Henderson Center yet? You haven’t?!? Well, if not, you’re slippin’, because Academy Award-nominated Mark Zuckerberg impersonator Jesse Eisenberg has absolutely made that scene, as evidenced by a post on the restaurant’s social network! (Layers!)

“@Jesse_Eisenberg_Official, thanks for stopping by Annie’s Cambodian Cuisine,” restaurant staff wrote on Instagram. “It was an honor to have you in our restaurant. Can’t wait to see the new flick.”

The Outpost has heard of a few Eisenberg sightings around Humboldt in previous weeks. What brings the actor behind the Redwood Curtain — and for so long — you may reasonably wonder? Well, rumor has it he’s shooting a Zellner Brothers-directed Bigfoot movie in which he will star as the elusive cryptid. He said as much in an interview with Variety earlier this year.

“I play a Sasquatch: full makeup, full body hair, but no lines,” Eisenberg told the industry rag. “I’m so looking forward to this.”

Also, he gets to eat at Annie’s. Everything’s coming up Eisenberg.

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