Kinetic Cafe @ the Depot

1 Harpst ST, Arcata

Routine Inspection
41. Plumbing: proper backflow devices.

Conditions Observed: Observed continuous leak from faucet at 3-part sink. Repair leak.


“Steam tables, ice machines, ice bins, food preparation sinks, display cases, walk-in refrigeration units, and other similar equipment that discharge liquid waste shall drain into a floor sink with an air gap or other approved type of receptor. All plumbing and plumbing fixtures shall be installed in compliance with applicable local plumbing ordinances, maintained so as to prevent any contamination, kept clean, fully operative, and in good repair. The potable water supply shall be protected with a backflow or back siphonage protection device. Any hose used for potable water shall be of approved materials, labeled, properly stored, and used for no other purpose. Liquid drain lines shall not pass through an ice machine or an ice storage bin. (114171, 114190, 114192, 114193, 114193.1, 114199, 114201, 114269)”

CP - Change of Ownership


“Wow! Roachy can see himself in your butterknives! Way to go, Kinetic Cafe @ the Depot!!”

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