LoCo Fish Co #3

550 S G ST, Arcata



“Wow! Roachy can see himself in your butterknives! Way to go, LoCo Fish Co #3!!”

CP - New Facility Inspection
22. Hot and Cold Water Available

Conditions Observed: Measured hot water at the 3-part sink to be 111.4 F; observed water temperature to be flashy. FSM attempted to trouble-shoot. See notes below. Adjust/service/repair to deliver hot water at 120 F or greater.


“An adequate, protected, pressurized, approved potable supply of hot and cold water shall be provided at all times. Hot water shall be supplied at a minimum temperature of 120F when measured from the faucet. The temperature of water provided to handwashing facilities shall be at least 100F. Handwashing facilities equipped with non-adjustable faucets shall have their temperature set between 100F and 108F. Hot water shall be provided at the food preparation sink and janitorial sink. (113953(c), 114099.2(b), 114163(a)(3), 114189, 114192, 114192.1, 114195)”

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