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Routine Inspection


“Zero violations! Now that's how you keep 'em coming back for more! I'll be sending all my human friends to Patriot - Blue Lake Mini-Mart! Yum yum!!”

Routine Inspection
02. Food safety certification, food handler card compliance

Conditions Observed: (Minor violation) PIC reports facility has a food safety manager, but no FSM certificate was available for review during the inspection. This is a repeat violation. Obtain and have current FSM certificate available at next inspection.


“Food facilities that prepare, handle, or serve non-prepackaged potentially hazardous food, shall have an owner or employee who has passed an aproved food safety certification examination. Food handlers that prepare, handle, or serve non-prepackaged potentially hazardous food, shall obtain a valid Food Handler Card within 30 days after date of hire. (113947.1-113947.5, 113948)”

07. Adequate handwash facilities supplied and accessible.

Conditions Observed: (Major violation) No hot water was available at the restroom handwash sink. Water temp. measured at 64.4°F. Janitorial sink is being used for handwashing. Repair restroom handwash sink to ensure water is available at or above 100°F.


“Handwashing facilities shall be provided within or adjacent to toilet rooms, food preparation, and warewashing areas. Handwashing facilities shall be clean, unobstructed, and accessible at all times. Handwashing facilities shall be provided with soap and sanitary single use towels in approved dispensers. Dispensers shall be maintained in good repair. A handwashing facility shall not be used for purposes other than handwashing. (113953, 113953.1, 113953.2, 114067(f))”

22. Hot and Cold Water Available

Conditions Observed: (Minor violation) Hot water used for warewashing (at janitorial sink; see # 35 below) reached 115.6°F max. temperature. Hot water at 3-compartment sink could not be measured due to sink being used for storage. Adjust/repair/replace equipment to provide water at or above 120°F at all times.


“An adequate, protected, pressurized, approved potable supply of hot and cold water shall be provided at all times. Hot water shall be supplied at a minimum temperature of 120F when measured from the faucet. The temperature of water provided to handwashing facilities shall be at least 100F. Handwashing facilities equipped with non-adjustable faucets shall have their temperature set between 100F and 108F. Hot water shall be provided at the food preparation sink and janitorial sink. (113953(c), 114099.2(b), 114163(a)(3), 114189, 114192, 114192.1, 114195)”

30. Toxic substances properly identified, stored, used.

Conditions Observed: Household cleaner/disinfectant (Seventh Generation brand) not approved for use in food facilities was observed in coffee service area. Discontinue use and use only cleaner/disinfectant approved for food facilities.


“Only those insecticides, rodenticides, and other pesticides that are necessary, bear a legible manufacturer's label, and are specifically approved for use in a food facility may be used in a food facility in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Containers used for storing poisonous or toxic materiails such as cleaners and sanitizers taken from bulk supplies shall be clearly and individually identified with the common name of the material. Poisonous or toxic materials shall be stored or displayed to prevent contamination of food, equipment, utensils, linens, and single-use articles. (114254, 114254.1, 114254.2)”

35. Warewashing: installed, maintained, used, Adequate Means to measure sanitizer

Conditions Observed: 3-compartment warewash sink & drainboards completely blocked (being used for storage). Warewashing (coffee service items) is done in janitorial sink and not using 3-compartment wash/rinse/sanitize method. (Noted that appropriate sanitizing solution packets are used for sanitizing coffee machine and carafes.) Clear storage items from 3-comp. sink. Cease using janitorial sink for warewashing and use only designated 3-compartment sink/method.


“Facilities that prepare food shall be equipped with a manual warewashing sink that has at least three compartments with two integral metal drainboards, except as specified in 114099(c). A warewashing sink shall not be used for handwashing except as specified in 114125(a). Sink compartments shall be large enough to accommodate immersion of the largest equipment and utensils used. Testing materials shall be provided to adequately measure the applicable sanitization method used during manual or mechanical warewashing. (114067(f,g), 114099, 114099.3, 114099.5, 114101(a), 114101.1, 114101.2, 114103, 114107, 114125(a))”

44. Premises; personal/cleaning items; vermin-proofing.

Conditions Observed: Dirt, cobwebs, and insect carcasses present in storeroom wall framing and ceiling. Maintain clean.


“All premises of a food facility shall be kept clean, fully operative, and in good repair. The premise of a food facility shall be free of litter and items unnecessary to the operation of the facility. Areas designated for employees to eat and drink shall be located so that food, clean equipent and utensils, linens, and single-use articles are protected from contamination. Personal items shall be stored in a designated area to prevent contamination of food or utensils. Food prep sinks, warewashing sinks, and handwashing sinks shall not be used for the cleaning or maintenance of tools or cleaning supplies or to dispose of mop water and similar liquid wastes. A dedicated janitorial sink with a drain shall be provided and conveniently located. A separate room, area, or cabinet shall be provided for cleaning supplies. The facility shall be kept vermin proof. Insect electrocution devices shall retain the insect within the device and shall not be located over food or utensil handling areas. (114123, 114143(a, b), 114256, 114256.1, 114256.2, 114256.4, 114257, 114257.1, 114259, 114259.2, 114259.3, 114279, 114281, 114282)”

45. Floor, walls, and ceilings: built, maintained, clean.

Conditions Observed: Holes in wall adjacent to coffee station and inside back of cabinets. Wall dirty. Cabinet doors missing/broken. Repair all (seal holes to prevent entry of vermin) and maintain clean.


“Food facilities shall be fully enclosed in a building consisting of permanent floors, walls, and an overhead structure that meets minimum standards. The walls and ceiling shall be smooth, durable, nonabsorbent, and easily cleanable. Flooring and base coving shall be smooth, durable, and made of approved nonabsorbent material that is easily cleanable. Floor surfaces shall be coved at the juncture of the floor and wall with a 3/8 inch minimum radius and shall extend up the wall at least 4 inches. (114143(d), 114266, 114268, 114268.1, 114271, 114272)”

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