Tacos La Bonita

101 Erickson CT, Arcata

Routine Inspection
12. Proper reheating procedures for hot holding.

Conditions Observed: Measured refried beans 114F with probe thermometer in steam table. Per operator, the refried beans were reheated on the stove top less than 1 hour ago. Operator failed to verify the beans reached at least 165F prior to being held in steam table. Instructed operator to reheat refried beans to 165F and verify temperature with stem thermometer. This major violation was corrected on site, thank you.


“Potentinally hazardous food that is cooked, cooled, and reheated for hot holding shall be heated to a temperature of 165F for 15 seconds. Cooked and refrigerated food that is prepared for immediate service in response to an individual consumer order may be served at any temperature. Reheating for hot holding shall be done rapidly, and the time between 41F and 165F shall not exceed two hours. Potentinally hazardous food reheated in a microwave oven for hot holding shall be rotated or stirred midway during cooking, covered to retain surface moisture, be reheated to 165F in all parts of the food, and stand covered for at least two minutes after reheating. Ready-to-eat food taken from a commercailly processed hermetically sealed container or from an intact package from a food processing plant shall be heated to a temperature of 135F for hot holding. (114014, 114016)”

43. Toilet facilities: properly constructed, supplied, cleaned.

Conditions Observed: Facility offers customer seating and does not have a customer restroom. Remove customer seating.


“Toilet facilities shall be maintained and kept clean. Toilet rooms shall be separated by a well-fitting, self-closing door. Toilet tissue shall be provided in a permanently installed dispenser at each toilet. (114250, 114250.1, 114276)”

Routine Inspection
08. Proper hot and cold holding temperatures.

Conditions Observed: Measured steak in steam table 117F with probe thermometer. Per operator, the steak was cooked around 9AM. The operator will discard the steak at 12PM. Operator added more water to the steam table and increased the temperature setting. Revise hot holding method to ensure all hot potentially hazardous food are held at or above 135F at all times. Measured chili garlic oil 64.5F held out of temperature control with probe thermometer. The chili garlic oil is a potentially hazardous food that shall be held at or below 41F at all times. The chili garlic oil was discarded and will be held under temperature control from now on. Thank you for correcting this major violation.


“Except during preparation, cooking, cooling, transportation to or from a retail food facility for a period of less than thirty minutes, when time is used as the public health control, or as otherwise specified, potentially hazardous foods shall be maintained at or below 41F or at or above 135F. The following foods may be held at or below 45F: raw shell eggs, unshucked live molluscan shellfish, pasteurized milk and pasteurized milk products in original sealed containers, potentially hazardous foods held during transportation. Potentially hazardous foods held for dispensing in serving lines and salad bars may be held at 45F, not to exceed 12 hours in a 24 hour period, if unused portions are discarded. Food preparation shall not exceed two cumulative hours without a return to the required holding temperatures. (113996, 113998, 114037, 114343(a))”

79. Mobile water and waste water tanks installed.

Conditions Observed: Observed potable water inlet cap is visibly soiled. Clean and sanitize regularly to prevent contamination of potable water supply.


“MFFs that handle nonprepackaged food shall be equipped with approved potable water and wastewater tanks, unless approved temporary water and wastewater connections are provided. An approved potable water hose used for conveying potable water from a water tank shall be safe, durable, corrosion resistant, nonabsorbent, protected from contamination at all times, and clearly and durably identified as to its use. A potable water tank shall have sufficient capacity (at least 5 gallons exclusively for handwashing, 25 gallons for food preparation and warewashing) and shall deliver at least 1 gallon/minute to each sink basin. A wastewater tank shall be of a capacity commensurate with the level of food handling activity, have a minimum capacity that is 50 percent greater than the potable water tank, and be equipped with a shut-off valve. Wastewater tanks shall be thoroughly flushed and drained in a sanitary manner during the servicing operation. (114205, 114207, 114209, 114211, 114213, 114215, 114217, 114219, 114221, 114223, 114225, 114227, 114229, 114231, 114233, 114235, 114238, 114239, 114240, 114241, 114242)”

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