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Routine Inspection
02. Food safety certification, food handler card compliance

Conditions Observed: (Minor violation) Facility has a currently-certified Food Safety Manager (FSM), but the FSM certificate was not available at the facility during the inspection. Please ensure that the current FSM certificate is retained on file at the food facility at all times and kept available for inspection, as per CalCode §113947.1(g); thank you.


“Food facilities that prepare, handle, or serve non-prepackaged potentially hazardous food, shall have an owner or employee who has passed an aproved food safety certification examination. Food handlers that prepare, handle, or serve non-prepackaged potentially hazardous food, shall obtain a valid Food Handler Card within 30 days after date of hire. (113947.1-113947.5, 113948)”

08. Proper hot and cold holding temperatures.

Conditions Observed: (Minor violation) Cured ham and cheese in the refrigerated prep top unit were measured at 44.3°F and 45.6°F respectively today. Discussed with PIC that facility had just opened for the evening and prep unit had just been turned on and was still cooling. Please ensure that prep unit is fully cooled and capable of holding potentially-hazardous foods (PHF) at or below 41°F at all times. If needed, maintain PHF in a different refrigeration unit (walk-in or UC fridge) at opening until prep top unit reaches correct temperature; thank you.


“Except during preparation, cooking, cooling, transportation to or from a retail food facility for a period of less than thirty minutes, when time is used as the public health control, or as otherwise specified, potentially hazardous foods shall be maintained at or below 41F or at or above 135F. The following foods may be held at or below 45F: raw shell eggs, unshucked live molluscan shellfish, pasteurized milk and pasteurized milk products in original sealed containers, potentially hazardous foods held during transportation. Potentially hazardous foods held for dispensing in serving lines and salad bars may be held at 45F, not to exceed 12 hours in a 24 hour period, if unused portions are discarded. Food preparation shall not exceed two cumulative hours without a return to the required holding temperatures. (113996, 113998, 114037, 114343(a))”

48. Signs Posted, Last Inspection Report Available.

Conditions Observed: (Minor violation) Facility has a valid food facility permit, but permit was not posted. Please post the current permit in a conspicuous place in the food facility as per CalCode §114381(e); thank you.


“Handwashing signs directing employees to wash hands shall be posted in each toilet room used by food employees. No smoking signs shall be posted in food preparation, food storage, warewashing, and utensil storage areas. A copy of the most recent routine inspection report shall be maintained at the food facility and made available upon request. The food facility shall post a notice advising consumers that a copy of the most recent routine inspection report is available for review by any interested party. A permit shall be posted in a conspicuous place. (113725.1, 113953.5, 113978, 114381(e))”

CP - New Facility Inspection


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