The Couxp

100 Ericson CT, Arcata

Routine Inspection
08. Proper hot and cold holding temperatures.

Conditions Observed: Measured minor temperature violations in the 2-door advantgo fridge (sliced cukes, 43 F; cheese, 44 F). Adjust/service/repair to cold-hold foods at or below 41 F.


“Except during preparation, cooking, cooling, transportation to or from a retail food facility for a period of less than thirty minutes, when time is used as the public health control, or as otherwise specified, potentially hazardous foods shall be maintained at or below 41F or at or above 135F. The following foods may be held at or below 45F: raw shell eggs, unshucked live molluscan shellfish, pasteurized milk and pasteurized milk products in original sealed containers, potentially hazardous foods held during transportation. Potentially hazardous foods held for dispensing in serving lines and salad bars may be held at 45F, not to exceed 12 hours in a 24 hour period, if unused portions are discarded. Food preparation shall not exceed two cumulative hours without a return to the required holding temperatures. (113996, 113998, 114037, 114343(a))”

22. Hot and Cold Water Available

Conditions Observed: Observed cold-water faucet to be non-operational (faucet was turned off below the sink due to inconsistent delivery). Repair faucet/sink to deliver a steady volume of cold water.


“An adequate, protected, pressurized, approved potable supply of hot and cold water shall be provided at all times. Hot water shall be supplied at a minimum temperature of 120F when measured from the faucet. The temperature of water provided to handwashing facilities shall be at least 100F. Handwashing facilities equipped with non-adjustable faucets shall have their temperature set between 100F and 108F. Hot water shall be provided at the food preparation sink and janitorial sink. (113953(c), 114099.2(b), 114163(a)(3), 114189, 114192, 114192.1, 114195)”

CP - Change of Ownership


“Both patrons and the health department agree! This place sets the standard for Humboldt food facility cleanliness! All hail The Couxp!!”

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