Cultural Resource Specialist

Yurok Tribe

Posted: Aug. 16, 2019

Cultural Resources Specialist is responsible for conducting and assisting with all phases of completion of NHPA & Cultural Resources compliance reviews for the Yurok Tribe. This position is under the direct supervision of the Cultural Resources Manager, a Secretary of Interior Qualified Archeologist. Coordinates with the Yurok THPO and NAGPRA programs on NHPA reviews for the Yurok Tribe and its departments. Consults with Yurok Culture & NAGPRA Committees on cultural resource goals and management objectives for a range of tribal projects subject to NHPA compliance. Conducts field surveys and prepares reports used for NHPA compliance purposes for the Yurok Tribe and its departments.


Location: Yurok Reservation


Salary: $20.72-27.03



All hiring is subject to the Yurok Tribe’s hiring preference.



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