Tribal Council Accounts Specialist

Yurok Tribe

Posted: Oct. 16, 2020

This position involves the tracking, receipting, distribution and disbursement of all child support payments received by Yurok Child Support Services (YCSS). Tracking will be achieved using several databases. The position must have a strong understanding of child support distribution schemes and effectively communicate them to customers and staff. All new and modified court orders must be recorded on a daily basis. All payments made via income withholding orders received from employers, states and tribes must be updated on a daily basis. The ability to complete complex child support calculations and accurately certify accounts to clients, courts, attorneys, and other jurisdictions is necessary. The position must also have strong liaison skills to communicate with the California Department of Child Support Services regarding shared child support accounts.
Location: Eureka

Salary: $22.04-22.70
All hiring is subject to the Yurok Tribe’s hiring preference

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