Annual Halloween Boogie

KMUD and the MCC present The 2013 Halloween Boogie! Costume Party, Costume Contest, and Rock Extravaganza… however you prefer to charactarize the yearly Boogie, it’s one of the most rockin’ parties of the year! This year’s Boogie will feature the following incredibly talented bands: Heavyweight Dub Champion featuring Dr. Israel, Ganga Giri, El Radio Fantastique, and Liberation Movement.

You can find out more, hear samples, and explore the websites of these talented groups in the info and links below…

See you at the 2013 HALLOWEEN BOOGIE!

Heavyweight Dub ChampionHeavyweight Dub Champion featuring Dr. Israel

Heavyweight Dub Champion is a music and art collective founded in Gold Hill, Colorado in 1997 by Resurrector & Patch.Heavyweight Dub Champion, also known as HDC, is rooted in electronic music, but they create their unique style by using real and acoustic instruments fused with synthetic and electronic elements. In 2005, they relocated to San Francisco, but the members of their constantly rotating lineup also come from New York, Australia and the UK.

Denver’s Westword Magazine describes their music as “a shamanistic wall of hip hop dubtronica”and the magazine awarded their debut album Survival Guide For The End of Time with the editors pick for Best Local Recording in 2003. HDC is perhaps best known for their live performance, in which they use a massive amount of vintage and electronic gear to perform what they call “Sonic Shamanistic Alchemy”.

The LA Weekly says, “The main HDC aesthetic is a cooled-out groove… Their genius is the great virtue of ‘70s dub: never overdoing it.”

The band lineup of Heavyweight Dub Champion, for both studio albums and live performance, is an ever changing organic unit. The only person always involved in every aspect is co-founder Resurrector. Both Studio albums are produced by Resurrector and Patch.

The debut album, Survival Guide For The End of Time, incorporates contributions from a vast array of artists, including A.P.O.S.T.L.E., Stero-Lion, Wailer B, Elon, Emcee Vill, J Criminology, Totter Todd, Jack Ruby Jr., DJ Hot Daddi 36-O, and others. Since the release of Survival Guide the membership has expanded to include Jillian Ann, Lady K, Dr. Israel, Elf Tranzporter, DJ Illnaughty, Dakini Star, Noah King, Sasha Rose and 2009’s “Rise of the Champion Nation” includes album appearances by KRS-ONE and Killah Priest.

In addition to musical performance, HDC often collaborates live with visual artists such as Unstoppable One, Jher 451, King Mob and Free Speech TV. “We have all kinds of artists on our album and it doesn’t matter if they’re white, black, Australian, or whatever – everyone’s tied together by the same spiritual message,” says Resurrector. More info at: and

About Dr. Israel…

Dr. IsraelDr. Israel is a vocalist, producer, engineer, actor and revolutionary based in Brooklyn New York. The Doctor’s work has always had a foundation in the deep tradition of dub, dance hall and reggae, but what makes him stand out is his ability to fuse these styles with drum and bass, hip hop, and even punk and metal. His trademark sonically devastating bass tones and politically conscious lyrics arealways delivered in a surprisingly accessible format for such an underground Icon.

The doctor has assembled his own studio compound in a clandestine Brooklyn warehouse, where he has been producing chart-topping trax for over a decade. These releases include his debut album, “7 Tales of Israel”, a classic in the dub/jungle scene, his sophomore effort “Inna City Pressure” an underground hit which moved over 10.000 units in the first few months after its street date, and “Patterns of War” Which topped the CMJ, (#1 at world music for 7 weeks). In addition the doctor has made countless guest appearances, and production/remix cameos, too many to mention here, but they include remix, production and vocal work with the likes off Rancid, Sepultura, Praxis, Bill Laswell, Santo Gold, and Sublime to name a few.

Dr. Israel is also known for his dynamic stage presence and aggressive vocal style. He has appeared Live all over the world, The U.S., Europe, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. These performances include solo sets and vocal guest appearances at venues and festivals including the Royal Festival Hall (London), (Fuji Rock (Japan), Reggae on the River™ (North Cal), and the Sync Festival (Athens Greece). Doc is equally comfortable in a 200-seat club, or at stadium gig (reggae on the river had over 17,000 crazed fans), and he always manages to stir the crowd into frenzy. In the studio and on the stage the doctor consistently receives accolades and acclamations from the international press community, with great reviews from Japan to France to the U.S. Just ask rolling stone, Vibe, or the Village Voice, or check out the countless reviews online.

More at his official website:

Ganja Giri and BandGanga Giri

GANGA GIRI - (gun-gah gear-ree) Ganga Giri is a rhythmic didgeridoo explosion incorporating fat dub beats mashing it up with a dancehall vibe. An electronic global roots celebration that brings people together in a modern day corroboree*.

Delivering his unique and authentic taste of multicultural Australia Ganga Giri’s music has been widely & wildly appreciated by music lovers in many countries including Australia, Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, Indonesia and the United States igniting audiences in clubs and at music festivals.

Ganga Giri is a remarkably energetic and innovative live act. He has achieved something rare and precious which few artists are able to capture mixing natural elements with fat tribal beats and dirty funky bass lines to create a unique tribal-technological deep earth dance experience.

*(a nocturnal festivity with songs and symbolic dances by which the Australian aborigines celebrate events of importance)

More info & music downloads at: or watch them live here!
Listen to sample tunes here:

El Radio Fantastique

EL Radio FantastiqueLed by its creator, the charismatic singer, songwriter, dumpster diver and one-time gravedigger Giovanni DiMorente, EL Radio Fantastique is a collection of talented and electrifying musician-performers from the small farming community of Point Reyes Station, California.

“El Radio Fantastique started from a personal family narrative handed down to me and told with great conviction by my great uncles and great grandfather” DiMorente says. “The mere re-telling of their first-hand experiences with it would put them in great psychological turmoil.” Their accounts chronicled the chaos brought about by an old found radio that reportedly possessed and haunted its listeners. “As if through some auditory telekinesis, this radio would play the most beautiful music from the past, present and future, yet over time would slowly and methodically drive the listener mad.”

Years later, upon serving as pallbearer for these relatives’ funerals, the young DiMorente took to frequent isolation in the woods. A lonely teenager having a predisposition for daytime hallucinations and heavily influenced by a 40’s crooner father and punk rock, he started to feel the sinister coaxing of faint transmissions bleeding through from his dream world. “In later years, the radio legend became much more benevolent and controllable. When I finally got to the point where I could take the reins of the story and direct it, I started a band based on the tale.

Di Morente is no stranger to the spotlight. As a member of the pop duo Times Two in the late 1980’s he and his partner made a fairly standard pact with the Devil. In return for sacrificing their musical standards and artistic control, they scored a top 40 Billboard hit, made an appearance on American Bandstand with Dick Clark, and even were featured in the teenybopper staple magazine Tiger Beat. El Radio Fantastique represents musical redemption for Di Morente, a way to wash away his musical sins of the past… and he is relishing the opportunity to rise again, this time with his musical integrity fully intact.

The overarching musical influences for the group derive from DiMorente’s coveted record collection scavenged from abandoned tenements in New Orleans and a lifetime of dumpsters. EL Radio Fantastique comprises a unique menagerie of sights, sounds and musical styles. Indeed, the vibration emitted from this group defies all genres as much as an archaic knob would turn on an antique radio. EL Radio Fantastique is known to put on bewitching and alluring shows with steamy theatricality. Consistent with DiMorente”s folklore, witnesses have remarked that the band’s players appear to be charmed and somewhat possessed, inspiring a visceral and enchanted concert experience.

More at their official website:

Liberation MovementEL Radio Fantastique

Led by Resurrector of Heavyweight Dub Champion (HDC) and Sasha Rose, and officially sanctioned by representatives of the Shipibo Tribe, Liberation Movement (LM) is a new collaborative music project that pushes the boundaries of human experience.

Each LM performance is a communal ritual that opens portals to the realm of spirits and invokes new levels of consciousness and healing. Infused with recordings of 20 Shipibo Shamans made by Resurrector over the course of 30 traditional ceremonies in the Peruvian Amazon, Liberation Movement channels the healing power of the plant spirits’ Ikaros (medicine songs) with the intention of removing the veils that separate us from the vibratory pulse of the Earth.

Drawing on powerful alchemical sound devices, such as analog synths, acoustic guitar, human voice, tape delays, analog filters and consensus-reality distortion units, the LM experience goes far beyond the limitations of laptop based performance. The live offering is a powerful transmutational synthesis of structure and improvisation—ancient and future. Each Liberation Movement performance is a communal ritual that opens portals to the realm of spirits to invoke new levels of consciousness and healing.

  • $30 / $27 adv.

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