Arts Arcata-Valentine’s Day

Artist: Clairese Mayo is a local independent artist born and raised on The LOST Coast. She is an active art model, contributing to the inspiration of her her own work. She works with multiple mediums. “ My favorite medium is clay. I love to mimic realism, especially sculpting.” She also expresses with painting, drawing, and materials like leather and metals. Her intention is to create sustainable art with purpose. “ I want people to engage with my artwork and to be a part of daily life, therefore converting the ordinary into a ritual experience”. With hopes that beauty will reach others in every aspect of their life and become a standard.” What inspires her the most is the natural human form. “I melt into a flow state without planning anything. None of my work has survived when I make plans. All I need is time to work at my desk things begin to uncover themselves to me. I will nurture projects until something is complete. I like the saying “good things take time.” No pressure no settling in craftsmanship. “I feel as though I’m providing spirits with vessels to be physically present in life. My art is born, each character that’s created is destined. Each are themselves being completely there own.” Music: Icarus and Suns- Afro Belizean Funk

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