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Beelzebub’s Tales To His Grandson Radio Hour

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(Don’t worry if you have missed some episodes…Each episode uniquely contains its own mind-blowing revelations and stories.)… We continue the reading of GI Gurdjieff’s All and Everything (Second Series): “Meetings With Remarkable Men”…Episode 11
Chapter 9 - Piotr Karpenko (~59 minutes)
Piotr Karpenko was a childhood friend of Gurdjieff who was involved with Georgi and The Seekers of Truth on many adventures, some of which Gurdjieff shares in this chapter…Regarding this series, Gurdjieff said, “With the contents of the second series of books to prove that there exist other ways of perceiving reality, and to indicate their direction.”… Commentary by Terry Winter Owens: “It is an adventure of the mind—growing, being formed, setting out after inner knowledge, discovering it and putting it to the test of practice. Thus it is an adventure in two worlds, and it will be the reader’s delight and enrichment to discern where one world ends and the other begins.”…….Tune in Thursday nights at 10PM at

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