Bryan Radzin-Book reading/signing/discussion

Trinidad Library 11/30/17 7-830pm Book Reading/signing/discussion Bryan Radzin A local Humboldt County, California author and Humboldt State University graduate has published his next sequel to his “Search for Truth” book series titled, “A rude awakening.” Author Bryan Radzin offers this continuation of the synchronistic journey into the heart of politics and what makes us human. All four “Search for Truth” books were written from the viewpoint of a journalist willing to risk his life for the discovery of the truth. This riveting novel is prophetic throughout from the start of the series, reflecting the present day political landscape. This book has a new president that is determined to destroy every last remnant of democracy. The racial tensions of today come to a head in this book with the United States capital being moved to Alabama. Through the destruction, there is hope for a new positive future when forces join together for the common good of humanity. Humanism, Truth and Accountability permeate the novel series defining what are our priorities of life. Opening our minds to positive change sometimes has to be shocked into existence by events that we find unconscienable. This sequel does that with the divergent characters finding common ground. Visit which includes video clips, photos, inspirational messages, sample chapters and feedback comments for a more in depth connection with the call for consciousness, accountability, humanism, truth and compassion. Two other books are also available this year. “From the mind of Critic” 2014-2015” and “From the mind of Critic 2016”. These new books are from his daily messages on his website and Facebook page. Inspirational and profound in meaning, these new books inspire critical thinking.

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