Charting Humboldt’s Clean Energy Future

Help Plan Humboldt County’s Energy Clean Future! … The Redwood Coast Energy Authority is updating its guiding strategic document and is seeking your input in the process. … We’ll be in Redway for a public workshop on Thursday, September 5 at 5:30 p.m. at Redway Elementary School. 344 Humboldt Ave. Refreshments will be served. … Look for additional workshops to attend in the coming months and submit your written comments. …. RCEA’s Comprehensive Action Plan for Energy (“CAPE”) details strategies specifically addressing regional energy planning and coordination, programs for energy customers, low-carbon transportation, and energy generation and utility services. The energy landscape in Humboldt County has changed over the past seven years, and strategies within RCEA’s original 2012 Comprehensive Action Plan for Energy need to be updated to align with this new landscape. The updated plan, which will include RCEA’s goal of 100% clean and renewable electricity by 2025, will include input from current countywide Climate Action Plan development and community outreach. RCEA is updating high-level strategies for smart energy use, growth and security, incorporating several of the agency’s other strategic timeline planning documents into the CAPE, and developing quantitative targets including RCEA’s power mix make-up for the next ten years. Submit your comments during the CAPE draft development and comment period. … For more information on the calendar and workshops, including meeting agendas, schedule updates, and additional details, visit or call (707) 269-1700. Comments can be emailed directly to

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