Crafting an Employee Handbook to reflect your culture & CA compliance standards (HR series)

For most employees and unfortunately many employers, the employee handbook is a grimy disregarded handout on the first day of employment. So why bother? Because! It can give your employees a step-by-step guide to success, establish a code of conduct and framework for managers to address misconduct and it is your first line of defense against lawsuits or liability claims. When well drafted and used effectively, your handbook policies can help demonstrate that you are operating ethically and proactively for the benefit and safety of your employees and the public. Seasoned HR professional Melinda Pedersen will highlight key policies to include in an employment handbook and resources for creating them. Attendees will receive templates for the California compliant Discrimination and Harassment Free Workplace policy and the Equal Employment Opportunity Policy. Space is limited, so register now. Curious about the Small Business Development Center? Not sure what it is we do? Check us out at or call (707)445-9720.

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