FRIDAY, SEPT. 8 at 9 P.M.

Curtis Cook

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Curtis Cook is a standup comedian and WGA Award-nominated writer who puked after a keg stand on a show called Flophouse, traveled through an Ebola checkpoint for a segment on Vice News, performed standup on Comedy Central, and appeared alongside Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein on IFC’s Portlandia. In addition to performing, Curtis has written for the recent reboot of Crank Yankers, the critically acclaimed This Fool on Hulu, and the long running American Dad on TBS. I also can say my work has appeared on Fox, but only because one time Tucker Carlson did a whole segment about how much he hates my guts. Jokes on you, White Louis Farrakhan, ‘cause now I get to use the Fox logo when I promote my events!

What the fuck else am I supposed to put here? Should I list all the festivals I’ve done that no one gives a shit about? Huh?! The Salt Lake City Comedy Carnivale ringing any bells?! You want me to tell you that I “shared the stage” with comics I once shook hands with at a poorly attended showcase? Or better yet, I could reference every club I’ve worked for while casually leaving out key details, like that The Ohio Funny Farm is actually just a closet under a hotel staircase or how when I say I “frequently appear at The Comedy Store” what I really mean is that I “occasionally do drugs in their bathroom”? Or maybe you want me to be like, “Curtis Cook has opened for legends like Dave Attell” just ‘cause I once spent a week featuring for him while he was doing a run of shows for the express purpose of making enough money to buy his mom a new security system – which I know because when I said, “Hey, man, it’s cool to meet you,” he very kindly replied, “I’m only doing this ‘cause my mom needs a new security system.” Is that what you want, you fuckin’ sickos?! And why does Dave Attell’s mom have so many enemies?!

Just come to my goddamn show, okay? Think of it like a standup Instagram reel, but with laughter. And why are you even reading this? Are you like, “Oh, if the bio is cute, maybe the live performance will be funny”? That’s a ridiculous thing to do. You’re being ridiculous.Anyways, I’ll be performing at Savage Henry Comedy Club in Eureka, CA September 8th and 9th. Hope to see you there!

Josh Barnes and Jessica Grant open.

Nando Molina hosts.


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