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Destroy All Gondolas, Gūtara KYŌ, Blackplate

Venetian black surf punk. 
“Insto-surf pushed to the limit of a frantic black-thrash metal aural assault, “Laguna Di Satana” is a weird garage-punk tale evoking post-apocalyptic, exotic landscapes, often trespassing the wall of sound of hardcore with sporadic bitterly ironic shouted lyrics both in english and italian.
In the twisted minds of Destroy All Gondolas references goes from LINK WRAY to BLACK SABBATH to MAYHEM to JOHNNY THUNDERS. “Laguna Di Satana” is out on vinyl in May 2017 for MacinaDischi in coproduction with Sonatine Produzioni, Death Crush Distro, Crampi Records and Shyrec.”

ぐうたら狂 Gūtara KYŌ (Kobe, Japan):
Says Slovenly Recordings about their December 2017 release of GŪTARA KYŌ’s self titled LP - 
“For our 200th release, we found the ultimate band in Kobe, Japan: GŪTARA KYŌ, which coincidentally roughly translates to “Crazy Slovenlies”. Blaring this record brought us back to the first time we heard BAD BRAINS as teenagers, which sent blood rushing into the skull, pulsing & curdling in our adolescent disbelief & delight, the kind of sensation adults try to recreate by sniffing things into their noses. There is a youthful fury & hilarity in Matsumoto-san’s Japanese hollerings, over a piercing skree from album start to finish which is at times almost painful on the eardrums. Somehow simultaneously harnessing the staggering garage punk exuberance of TEENGENERATE and the blistering hardcore urgency of LOS CRUDOS, perfect imperfection has been achieved on this immaculate 10-inch slab of filth.”

Blackplate (Humboldt):
“Flood Plain Dirge Punk Quiet Loud Quiet Louder”
Catch these guys one week fresh off recording a 100% analog version of Every Day is Sadderday for a vinyl pressing at Electric Audio in Chicago with Steve Albini (!!)

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