Hickey Fest

Hickey Fest is 3 day music festival featuring 30 bands located in Leggett, CA just 3 hours north of the Bay Area. Taking place Memorial Day weekend May Fri 24, Sat 25 and Sun 26 the festival will be a weekend of fun in the sun in the company of some of the West Coast’s best and brightest musicians. Festival entry includes camping at Standish Hickey State Park where the South Fork of the Eel River shimmers against the backdrop of the majestic redwoods. Music will be happening just across the way at The Peg House featuring a shaded out-door stage and patio area, a delicious sandwich shack with lots of tasty microbrews on tap and general store for all your last minute camping and grocery needs. So pack your swim suit, strap on your guitar and get ready for HICKEY FEST!!


Sea of Bees - Warm Soda - Sun Hop Fat - Quinn DeVeaux - Ash Reiter - Easy Leaves - TV Mike & The Scarecrows - Cave Clove - Moomaw - Annie Girl & the Flight - Mark Matos - White Cloud- Tele Novella (Agent Ribbons) - Radiation City - Faralons - Kill Bossa - The Blank Tapes - Petejota - Idea the Artist - Daring Ear - Waiting Room - Deep Ellum - Couches - Petejota - Sugar Candy Mountain - Michael Musika - Assateague - Annie Girl and the Flight - Fanno Creek - Sparrows Gate - JJAAXXNN - fpod bpod - Sunbeam Rd - Eight Belles - Moomaw - Farallons -


May 24, May 25, May 26


FRIDAY 5pm-12am

5-5:40 Waiting Room
6 -6:40 Idea the Artist
7-7:40 Quinn DeVeaux
8-8:40 Daring Ear
9-9:40 Farallons
10-10:40 Mark Matos
11-12am Moomaw

SATURDAY 11am-12am

11-11:40 Eight Belles
12-12:40 Deep Ellum
1-1:40 Sunbeam Rd
2-2:40 Couches
3-3:40 Cool Ghouls
4-4:40 Sea of Bees
5-5:40 Easy Leaves
6-6:40 fpod bpod
7-7:40 Radiation City
8-8:40 Ash Reiter
9-9:40 Warm Soda
10-10:40 The Blank Tapes
11-12am JJAAXXNN

SUNDAY 11am-12am

11- 11:40 Sparrows Gate
12-12:40 Fanno Creek
1-1:40 Cave Clove
2-2:40 Assateague
3-3:40 Annie Girl & the Flight 
4-4:40 Michael Musika 
5-5:40 Tele Novella
6-6:40 Sugar Candy Mountain 
7-7:40 White Cloud
8-8:40 Petejota
9-9:40 Sun Hop Fat
10-10:40 Kill Bossa
11-12am T V Mike & The Scarecrows



Country Club

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