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How Dare We? Paul Cienfuegos Book Signing

Eureka Books

Join us in welcoming Paul Cienfuegos back to Eureka Books for a book signing on August 6th during Arts Alive! Paul was instrumental in getting the fight against corporate power in Humboldt County firmly established in the 1990s and has not stopped working for people power his entire life. How Dare We? is a book for those who care deeply about the state of society and who want to do something powerful to make a difference. Newly engaged and longtime activists alike will find practical ideas for making real change. No more pleading with government and corporate power-holders who don’t care what local residents want. No more testifying at legally required public hearings where the decision has already been made. Paul draws on decades of hard-won wisdom for these essays filled with inspiring and practical ways in which together we can become a more powerful force for good.

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