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Humboldt Bay Brass Band

Please join the Humboldt State University Department of Music, director Gil Cline, and the Humboldt Bay Brass Band for “Forests, Lakes, and Cityscapes,” their HISTORIC FINAL CONCERT on Saturday, November 10 at 8:00 p.m. in Fulkerson Recital Hall. The concert starts with a satisfying “orchestral” overture, the famous Poet and the Peasant by Franz von Suppe, except this time the cornets get to play the quick, brilliant melodic lines usually given to the violins and woodwinds. It’s a ten minute roller-coaster of familiar American melodies, all played on brass instruments! Next the band will be tasked with sight-reading a brand new piece of music, sort of like a late mid-term exam! Also on the program is Lake of the Moon, a kind of Aztec tone poem by Kevin Houben, inspired by Lake Texcoco in the Valley of Mexico, and conceived within a broad worldly context. Ravenswood March by William Rimmer is a fine concert march that every brass band in the UK knows, and is the most British of the works on the program. The show closes with an annual Veteran’s Day tribute, including Gil Cline performing TAPS on an historic bugle. “These simple twenty-four notes say so much inside of us.” Cline has said. Following is his custom arrangement of US Service Songs, including music of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and the U.S. Merchant Marine. While not a ceremony, and certainly not military, the band believes it is important to express in tones, not words, the fact that so many family members, especially from prior generations, have served the US in branches of the services. We invite audience members to stand at the appropriate time for the music of the particular branch of service to which they have a connection, especially if one is a veteran. $10 General, $5 Senior/Child, FREE for HSU students with ID. Humboldt Bay Brass Band is a British-style brass band, comprised of an exact regulation number of twenty-five brass players, plus five percussionists. Members include HSU students and alumni, as well as community players ranging from northern Humboldt all the way south to Ukiah. Musicians perform in many other local ensembles ranging from the Eureka Symphony to Bandemonium. Nearly every city, town, and village throughout the UK has brass bands of this type, as do many communities on the continent. Most have a year-round schedule, a history often of a century or more, and take joy at any performance ranging from town concerts to regional and national competitions. They are likely to be heard playing many of the same selections that the Humboldt Bay Brass Band performs in this concert. The 2018 Humboldt Bay Brass Band members are E-flat Soprano Cornet: Chris Cox, B-flat Cornets: Andrew Henderson, Kevin Blake, Ryan Blake, Collin Kirkwood, Pam Halstead, Cue Lee, Emma Modrick, Augustin Padilla, and Jeff Ruiz, Flügelhorn: Monica Dekat, Tenor Horns: Matt Morgan, Dominique Hausler, Baritone Horns: Toshi Noguchi and Dick LaForge, Trombones: George Epperson, Rick Perl, and Kearney VanderSal, Euphoniums: Phil Sams and Melissa Cherry, Basses (tubas): Fred Tempas, Audrey McCombs, Ryan Egan, & Jerry Carter, and Percussion: Grace Kerr, Nev Mattinson, Richard Rios, Matt Estabrook, and Mitchell McCombs. HBBB is a research project within the brass ensemble program of the HSU Music Department, and was formed in 2004 after a sabbatical trip Gil Cline took to England in order to visit museums and instrument collections, brass makers, brass bands, and to attend the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain. HBBB performs concerts on campus each semester, has recorded a CD, and participated in a brass band festival in Seattle in 2011. In addition to HBBB, brass ensembles at HSU have included quartets, quintets, and project groups using historic brass such as cornetti and sackbuts (trombones). HSU has a long tradition of Chamber Music, the setting of the true “Musicians’ Musician,” with almost endless payoff to the player in terms of responsibility and reward. The HSU brass ensembles have recorded three full-length audio CDs and have been reviewed and noted in publications of the Historic Brass Society and the International Trumpet Guild. Performance settings have included churches, basilica, “tower music” with carillons (in bell towers), at Stanford and UC Berkeley, numerous California missions, and other concerts in California and Oregon. In 2012 Trumpet Consort von Humboldt (baroque trumpets) performed in New York City at the 2nd International Historic Brass Society Symposium in 2016, and again at the 3rd symposium in 2017. They were the only university ensemble in the world to receive two invitations, without application.

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