Humboldt Ice Rink

The Humboldt Ice Rink committee is bringing back the temporary ice rink to Humboldt County. The rink is scheduled to be in Fortuna, California located at the Newburg Park for the second year, November 13th, 2016 through January 8th, 2017. The rink will serve Humboldt County for an eight week period. Public skating hours will be 2pm to 8pm Monday through Thursday, 2pm to 10pm Friday, 10am to 10pm on  Saturday and 10am to 8pm on Sunday. We are counting on this amenity to be another magical attraction to spending your holidays in Humboldt. We want to enhance the quality of life in all of Humboldt County by providing a unique attraction that all walks of life can enjoy. This year we hope to have holiday decorations, holiday music, smiles, laughter and more. A group of local business owners started working on this project in September of 2014. These dedicated business owners have spent countless hours working to bring something new to Humboldt County during the winter months. 

The rink will be staffed by local community groups, including various school clubs and sporting teams, local service clubs, and more. Each organization that staffs 7-10 people per a 6-hour shift will receive a $300 donation to their organization. There are still shifts available if you are interested(link sends e-mail).    In the spring of 2015, an HSU intern study was done on the Humboldt Ice Rink. Based off their findings, 55% of Humboldt County could afford to utilize the rink at least once during the 6 week period. Being conservative, the Humboldt Ice Rink committee projected 11,000 ice skaters over the 6-week period versus the 65,000 projected by the HSU interns. The results on attendance from 2015-2016 was 16,798 skaters. This included adults, children and school field trips. We had 7,684 adults, 6,340 kids, and 2,774 school kids from field trips.

We are currently booking schools for morning skate slots 9am-11 & 11am-1pm. Some schools will be using this as a physical education field trip; while other schools use the rink as an incentive field trip. We are excited to say we already have over 3,000 student skaters signed up from all over Humboldt County. Our county teachers and administrators are beyond excited for the opportunity to bring their students back to the Humboldt Ice Rink. Due to the overwhelming school turnout, the rink will not be open to the public during the schools’ skating time slots. 

The support from our businesses community, throughout the county, has been beyond motivating. Last year, we had 35 sponsors with a total of $20,000 in sponsorships to help with the Humboldt Ice Rink. We are on tract to hit the same number of sponsors this year, which allowed us funds to start the rink! We also had a number of businesses are supporting this endeavor by providing services for the rink. We would not be able to provide the rink this year with out the help of Spence Electric.

Last year the rink required a $7,000 electrical upgrade to Newburg Park as it was not ready for the power needed for an ice rink. This year we ordered a larger rink and unbeknownst to use we would need an addition $7,000 upgrade. in addition to Spencer Electric $2000 donation for 2015-16, they have offered to donate almost all of the $7,000 required for this years rink!!!! Humboldt Ice Rink is so grateful for the support from Spencer Electric.

Currently, we are still seeking sponsor for the 2016-17 Humboldt Ice Rink. For more information or to see a list of our 2016-17 sponsors please click here! All proceeds made from the 2016-2017 Humboldt Ice Rink will go directly into the bank to fund the rink for 2017-2018.   This committee is focused on creating an outdoor winter activity to serve the children and families of Humboldt County and our surrounding areas. If you have any questions please call 707-672-6820 or email us

Thank you so much for your support. We all understand we cannot do this by ourselves, and appreciate all your help.


  • $12 / $8 children 12 and under

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