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John Kadlecik’s Fellowship of the Wing

From the depths of Furthur, Golden Gate Wingmen, and Electric Beethoven, comes John Kadlecik’s The Fellowship of the Wing! This musical brotherhood will include John Kadlecik on guitar, Jay Lane on drums, Reed Mathis on bass, and Todd Stoops on keys. As founder of Dark Star Orchestra and guitarist and vocalist for Furthur, Kadlecik is known for his love for playing the music of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia, along with Lane who also played and sang in Furthur and RatDog. Mathis, founder of Electric Beethoven, adds his unique bass lines, vocals, and love for Bob Dylan and Stoops, of Kung Fu and Raq, mixes in his dynamic keys and vocals, and you have a recipe for a tasty musical adventure! Mingling originals, Grateful Dead covers, and many other unique covers, The Fellowship of the Wing is sure to take you on an epic journey!

In just a few shows they have already played club dates in Colorado as well as headlining their night at the famed Gem and Jam event in Arizona in winter of 2018. This Fellowship is ready to spread their wings more and will be seeking out more dates together.

John Kadlecik guitar and vocals
Furthur, Dark Star Orchestra, Golden Gate Wingmen, Oteil and Friends

Reed Mathis bass and vocals
Tea Leaf Green, Billy and the Kids, Jacob Fred’s Odyssey, Golden Gate Wingmen

Jay Lane drums
Ratdog, Furthur, Golden Gate Wingmen, Oteil and Friends, Steve Kimock

Todd Stoops keys
Raq, Kung Fu, John Kadlecik Band, Electric Beethoven


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