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Journey to the Place Where the World’s Moon is Full with Poets Jacqueline Elizabeth Letalien & Lori Cole

The performance of live poetry brings out its drama, passion, roots and reality, and makes a great short afternoon out. As part of a free series of poetry entertainments for April, the Library welcomes poets Jacqueline Elizabeth Letalien and Lori Cole. Letalien is a spoken word artist known to Humboldt County audiences for her powerful, thoughtful retellings of Native American traditional tales, and her poetry, words from the deep springs of an individual human spirit. Her poems take you on a journey of world mythology, human history, natural cycles of earth, wind and water, the heartbeats of women, and echoing sacred silences. Using free verse and Haiku, Lori Cole’s topics range from growing up in Humboldt County to family, friendship, and important social and political events of our time. With a background in social work, she aspires to provide hope for positive changes in our world.

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