Kishan Lara-Cooper: Ka’m-t’em: A Journey Toward Healing

November 22 at 7 p.m.,Northtown Books0 welcomes Kishan Lara-Cooper to talk about Ka’m-t’em: A Journey Toward Healing. Many generations ago, along the Klamath River, there lived a wise woman who wove the most beautiful baskets known to humankind. Her baskets were woven so tightly that water could not penetrate them. She was aging and had many experiences to share. Through prayer, she began to weave a basket for the people. The wise woman worked day after day, weaving, praying, and singing. As her strong hands moved gracefully over her materials, she shared a story to be retold, a song to be sung again, and a lesson to be learned. When she finished, she had created a large beautiful basket bowl. She called this basket Ka’m-t’em because it held the treasures of the people. In a Yurok village at Bluff Creek, the woman placed the basket in the water where two rivers join together, and stood silent as the basket began its journey. Ka’m-t’em: A Journey toward Healing was inspired by this piece of history. This book presents Indigenous testimonials of resistance, renewal, advocacy, resilience, beauty, and awakening.

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