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lLearn the age-old art of blockwork embroidery at the Humboldt Embroiders’ Guild meeting Saturday, February 16 at 11 a.m. Christ Lutheran Church in Fortuna

The Humboldt Embroiders’ Guild meets on Saturday, February 16 at 11 a.m. at Christ Lutheran Church in Fortuna, 2132 Smith Lane. There will be a project featuring blackwork to stitch. Supplies, and instruction, to complete this project will be provided at no charge. The Embroidery Guild of America states that traditionally, blackwork was embroidery with black threads on white fabric in both surface stitchery and counted work. Since the 1920s, it has been regarded as a counted thread embroidery traditionally worked in dark thread on a light background. Black and white embroidery is mentioned in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, written between 1388 and 1400. Of great antiquity, blackwork is believed to have originated in the Eastern Mediterranean and traveled with the Moors to Spain. Abandoned in the 17th century, blackwork has seen a revival in the early 20th century. Today in order to express contemporary ideas, it has become freer in style and color as it is used in both pictorial form and to embellish clothing. The Humboldt Embroiders’ Guild meets monthly to promote and practice the age-old art of embroidery. Those who do needlework of all skill levels and ages share experience, knowledge and interest. Anyone interested in embroidery, novice to master embroiderer, is invited to join Humboldt Embroiders’ Guild. Membership in the Humboldt county chapter includes membership in the Embroiders’ Guild of America. For further information call 707-822-6723 or

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