Los Bagels, Eureka

We’ve always had a commitment to do the best we can at what we do as a business. That’s meant quality products, a dedicated staff and an active engagement with our community both customers and the greater community in which we operate.

The Covid-virus has brought new challenges to us in all of these facets. We have responded to these changes and intend to continue to respond to the challenges ahead. We’ve changed our products, now bagels in grocery stores are available only in plastic bags, to ensure safe handling.

Our stores are only open for takeout, we’ve reduced the number of pastries and made more bread available. Many of our staff are laid off until we are sure we can serve our customers safely again. The staff who remain are working very hard at full capacity and with increased diligence to maintain high standards for food safety.

Everyone at Los Bagels is concerned not only for ourselves but also for the well-being of our families, our neighbors and our greater community.

We’ve had to be flexible in our responses in the past couple of weeks and expect that we’ll have yet more changes to take into account as we work our way through the next while.

That may mean more steps to keep everyone safe including the possibility that we decide to close the doors temporarily. The best advice seems to be hope for the best and plan for the worst. With that in mind we want to give our strongest appreciation to the folks who have remained steadily providing you with the best they can offer in all the aspects of our business.

Peter & Dennis

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