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Love’s Dialogue: Hearing, Understanding, and Being Heard in Love

The Sanctuary

Unlock the transformative power of compassionate communication and empathetic listening in all your love-ful relationships, whether with family, friends, or partners. Join us for ‘Love’s Dialogue: Hearing, Understanding, and Being Heard,’ a thrive-shop designed to help you foster deeper connections, greater understanding, and heartfelt communication. This immersive experience offers two key highlights: ‘The Art of Insightful Communication,’ where you’ll learn to express yourself clearly and compassionately, and ‘Compassionate Listening,’ which empowers you to understand and connect with others on a profound level. Inspired by practices like Nonviolent Communication, Restorative Practices, Active Listening, and Somatic Practices, this journey will lead you towards more profound, compassionate, and fulfilling relationships. Embrace the potential for understanding, connection, and intimacy within you and your loved ones. Individuals seeking to enhance communication in all types of love relationships, whether with a lover, family, or friend, are warmly invited.

  • $54
  • $75 Abundance
  • $30 Supported
  • Ages: 18+
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