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Low Class Jazz at Wrangletown

Wrangletown Cider Company

Wrangletown Welcomes Low Class Jazz, who consists of Jo Kuzelka- Vocals, Dan Aldag- Trombone, Andrew Henderson- Trumpet, Danny Gaon- Bass, Ben Aldag- Drums, and Matt Seno- Piano.
A note from the band- “Low Class Jazz? You may be wondering what you are getting yourself into…well don’t worry… the name isn’t all it seems. We are a newly formed local jazz ensemble that rehearses in a local music classroom. We played around with that theme for a while and one day in rehearsal someone came up with ‘No Class Jazz’… Dan quickly said ‘Wait, wait! We have SOME class!’ and thus the name was born. Most of the group met a while back in Cal Poly Humboldt’s (then Humboldt State’s) Jazz program led by Dan Aldag. Dan (Trombone) has been the Jazz Orchestra Director at Cal Poly Humboldt for over many years. Andrew Henderson (Trumpet), Danny Gaon (Bass), and Jo Kuzelka (Vocals) were all students of his. Jo is now the Music Director at St. Bernard’s Academy, Andrew is a Music Ed Credential student at Cal Poly, and Danny plays in several bands in the community. The drummer in this group is Ben Aldag, Dan’s son, and is also one of Jo’s former students. Matt Seno (Piano) showed up in the area some years back, wowed us all with his skills on the keys and since has become one of the busiest, most sought after players in the Humboldt jazz scene. So as you can see, this group represents generations of music, through academics, community, and straight up DNA. In terms of sound, the group focuses on jazz standards, some traditional, some not so traditional, with powerhouse vocals and stellar improvisation.”

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