Medical Fundraiser For Edie Baker


Orick Chamber of Commerce and the Community of Orick invite everyone to a benefit for one of our most beloved town members. If you have ever attended an event in Orick then you have benefited from Edie’s generosity. She has been a Super Volunteer for every cause imaginable and now the community wishes to show our appreciation in her time of need. Edie Baker has been diagnosed with Lupus, a very painful autoimmune disease. We are raising money to help with out-of-town travel expenses associated with medical care.



Everyone is invited to Dinner and a Live Auction on Saturday October 7 at 5:00 p.m. at the Orick Community Hall. The cost is $12 For adults or $8 for kids under ten. Live music is provided by the “Redwood Ramblers” and there will be a brown bag raffle.
Orick Community Hall is at 101 Swan Road, located just off highway 101 behind Orick Market.
For more information, call Mary Dawn at (707) 951-3024
Dinner will be Tri-Tip Beef or Stuffed Portabella Mushroom and includes Side Dishes, Salad, Dessert, Coffee and Fruit Punch.



We hope you can join us!



Country Club

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