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Mongolia: Adventure on the Steppe

The Old Steeple

Mongolia – Adventures on the Steppe. 7 pm March 9th, The Old Steeple, 246 Berding Street, Ferndale. Tom Noll and Lynn Marks will be sharing stories and showing photos and videos from their summer 2023 trip where they rode 1,000 kilometers across Mongolia by horseback. Proceeds from the talk go to the nonprofit 501(c)(3) Veloo Foundation supporting children displaced from their homes on the Mongolian Steppe. Hosted by The Old Steeple and the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce. Tickets $20 available at and available at the door.

A Narrative: If you heard Alash performing Mongolian music at The Old Steeple in January, then you have an understanding of the central role of the horse in Mongolian culture. Tom and Lynn were in Mongolia from late June through early August last summer. They traveled by horseback through the mountainous region of Northern Mongolia as well as through the steppe of Central Mongolia. Tom and Lynn traveled side-by-side with Mongolians and visited cultural sites, summer festivals, the homes of Mongolians, and other places all accessible by horseback. Tom and Lynn plan to share stories and photos of their adventures as well as transfer the proceeds from the event to the Mongolian children. It promises to be an interesting evening supporting a worthwhile cause!

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