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Muslim Influence on Western Civilization

The Rev. Mollu Cate of Unity Church of the Redwoods in Eureka will discuss how Muslim scholars and traders influenced Western Civilization during the Golden Age of Islam from 750 to 1250 CE. Her presentation will be during the North Coast Public Forum at noon Saturday (March 31) at the Samoa Cookhouse. The forum is free to the public. Lunch is no-host. During the Golden Age, Muslim scholars acquired, preserved and translated many works of philosophy, science and art, including those of ancient Greece and India. Muslim traders acquired dozens of plant species we take for granted today. These scholars and traders were the catalysts for Western Civilization as we know it. Cate says that Islam is thoroughly misrepresented in the West these days as a backward, violent religion. Through the lens of history she will examine those misperceptions. Cate has a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute in Santa Rosa, one in Sociology from the University of California Davis, and several certificates in Cross-Cultural Competence. She is passionate about history, science and bridging the barriers between people holding clashing belief systems. Contact Jake Williams for more information at 445-2276.

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