Naomi Punk, Mr Moonbeam

“Heavy and romantic but sour end-to-end, the ballads of a teenage swamp thing preening in the dark… also unexpectedly pretty, filled with twists of melody and structure far more sophisticated than they need to be to fly in the realms of punk and underground rock.” - PITCHFORK on Naomi Punk’s ‘Television Man’ “Packed top-to-bottom with total bruisers… hitting you with pummeling force, every bit as visceral as your favorite punk album from this year.” - PITCHFORK on Naomi Punk’s ‘The Feeling’ “The sound of the freaky punks from Olympia getting freakier… Naomi Punk have taken their churning, queasy ‘heavy punk’ to new places, absorbing their surroundings and letting them seep back out in unsettling ways over the course of these 25 songs… It simultaneously invokes déjà vu and seems wholly new and fresh, even at its most challenging moments.” - POST-TRASH on Naomi Punk’s ‘Yellow’ On their new album ‘Yellow’ (Captured Tracks) Olympia’s NAOMI PUNK integrates glimpses of live recordings, sounds of equipment being pushed around, hard rock sample libraries, sounds of the flapping wings of the album’s host (“I Found My Angel Wings” is embedded in thematic variation throughout), windy field recordings, emulsive synthetic woodwinds, a busted car stereo, a few four-track acoustic ballads, and more than a few puzzles and jokes. $8 in advance / $10 at the door / 21 & up, must show valid ID.

  • $10 / $8 online in advance
  • Ages: 21+

Country Club

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